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  1. Since you obviously know so much about the registry try it yourself, or do as you wish.
  2. This is taken from RegSeeker, it's supposed to fix tha Add/Remove feature, however I haven't tested it and can't verify if it works. 1. Copy the text in the code listed below then save as a .reg file such as: FixAddRemove.reg 2. Double click the .reg file and select Yes to merge the data. 3. Restart Windows. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.htc]"Content Type"="text/x-component"[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.hta]@="htafile""Content Type"="application/hta"
  3. That's good, show the invalid keys no mercy!
  4. There should be less problems with it because now 2.0 has a blacklist of things that shouldn't be removed, there was no such thing in 1.7f. However to keep things safe and running on your hdd I don't recommend using the Duplicates button.
  5. It's completely safe. WinXP: If you open a folder that contains a file, or file's with an extension that isn't registered to open with any program it automatically get's stored in the registry.
  6. It may be the index.dat files in Internet Explorer, if it is you have to reboot your computer to have them cleaned. Note all of Internet Explorer's browsing folders contain them, this includes: Cookies, History, Temporary Internet Files. Even if they are deleted during the boot-up process as soon as Windows starts they will automatically be re-created, when you visit your first web-site they will all of a sudden start to grow in filesize again. A simple spyware solution is to start using an alternative browser that makes it more difficult to get spyware on your system such as: Mozilla Firefox, or Mozilla Suite - http://www.mozilla.org Another solution to help protect and block spyware for Internet Explorer, and Mozilla browsers is to download SpywareBlaster, and if you are only wanting to use Internet Explorer also grab SpywareGuard at: http://www.javacoolsoftware.com
  7. Don't get all happy just yet about RegSeeker, hence it will list some things that shouldn't be removed, especially v1.45 Beta the newest release, it found so much valid things I was tempted to go back to v1.35 Beta, however importing my old exclude.ini file fixed half of what was listed. It may offer to remove some valid settings such as (this is not a full list): CCleaner: Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\CCleaner\Options Cygwin (Cygwin POSIX Emulation DLL used by Burnatonce, etc.) Software\Cygnus Solutions Winamp: Software\Nullsoft Installed when WinXP is installed: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders Applications\mobsync.exe Applications\MMC.exe Applications\fontview.exe Applications\explorer.exe Applications\drwatson.exe Applications\CMMGR32.EXE Applications\clipbrd.exe Applications\accwiz.exe ZoneAlarm 5.x: System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Eventlog\Application\TrueVector Service System\ControlSet003\Services\Eventlog\Application\TrueVector Service System\ControlSet004\Services\Eventlog\Application\TrueVector Service
  8. For the past few weeks my USB mouse started acting up. First I thought it was the table I have my system on, but after polishing it the thing was still jerky. The strange thing is after running NTRegOpt the problem was solved.
  9. Andavari


    Foxit PDF Reader http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/rd_intro.php A replacement for the bloated and slow loading Adobe Acrobat Reader (free edition). It doesn't require the usage of any of Acrobat's .dll files, therefore Acrobat can be uninstalled. It can be configured to be the default system PDF Document viewer, it works with web-browsers, has a save function. You can select parts of a document and copy them to the clipboard, etc. Note: The program does contain bitmap ad's to promote commercial Foxit Software -- however they are very small, not in-your-face, and can be disabled via right-clicking during the session of the program usage.
  10. Andavari

    Windows Update

    I have automatic updates turned on, however sometimes it can't download the updates therefore I still have to use the Windows Update website every now and then.
  11. Andavari

    IE favicons

    Here's what I do, this only works with Internet Explorer though: * Open the 'Windows\Temp' folder (or whatever your global Temp folder is) and look for the icon, sometimes they may get stored there depending upon how the site is designed. * Open the Temporary Internet Files folder whilst Internet Explorer is running and has already loaded the favicon by pressing in the IE toolbar 'Tools\Internet Options' in the Temporary Internet Files section click 'Settings\View Files' then look for the icon. To copy it out of the Temporary Internet Files folder you will have to deal with warning prompts about it being unsafe, etc., however copying the icon shouldn't cause any ill-effects. * I would then copy it to a safe place such as 'Windows\Icons\Favicons' and rename it to correspond with the website. * Finally, once in 'Windows\Icons\Favicons' I would then open up the IE Favorites and then right click a link, and select Properties, and manually change the icon to the one I copied.
  12. They should have included all the info from the link in the help file not just some of it, since it gives more information -- however it doesn't give yet enough information. I found out that Windows Firewall doesn't manage or block outbound traffic, which is a feature I've grown used to. It does pass the ShieldsUp test on http://grc.com as TruStealth, but since it doesn't block outbound connections it horribly failed LeakTest. I had to hurry up and find a firewall solution since Sygate Personal Firewall decided to all of a sudden have a rather annoying problem in that it wouldn't let many websites load, and wouldn't allow some programs to use an Internet connection. I tried System Restore, that didn't work. I uninstalled it, rebooted, reinstalled it, and it was still messed up, that's what got my interest in Windows Firewall. Well at least Windows Firewall provided some protection long enough for me to download ZoneAlarm.
  13. I'd like to dabble a bit with the Windows XP Firewall, see if it's any good, etc., however what I am needing are some tip sites that show how to properly configure it since the help documentation crappy.
  14. Andavari


    Iconaholic (formerly FOOOD's Icons) This isn't software, however it is related. Iconaholic has created a plethora of professional looking icons that can dress up Windows XP, and other software programs. http://www.iconaholic.com RareWares The latest MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, MPEG-4 and general media utilities compiles. http://www.rarewares.org AVX ScriptWall By SoftWin (Romania) the makers of BitDefender Security Software. Blocks suspicious, and malicious scripts from running and works silently until needed. Note: If you uninstall it search for and delete the following filename it creates which may or will reside in various folders: fxavx.ini Google Search for a download site
  15. I downloaded allot of icons from http://www.foood.net/ Some icons I make myself with good-ole Microsoft Paint. In my screenshot I think you can tell what Foood.net made and what I made since mine aren't very professional looking but I like them better than the default program icons.
  16. Andavari

    Killzone 2

    Since I'm on a dial-up I won't even bother. ---- Just when everyone thought the XBOX 360 was impressive a surprise was unveiled on Fox News (last week) when they interviewed the President of Sony Computer Entertainment U.S. he made these statements about the PS3: "35x more powerful than the PS2." "Twice as powerful as its competition." "Compatible with the PSP." "Backwards compatible with PSone, and PS2 titles." "Will be released Spring 2006."
  17. What about the ClipBook Viewer [ClipBoard] in WinXP, just create a shortcut that points to: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CLIPBRD.EXE
  18. Andavari


    My fav's, none of them contain any adware, malware, or spyware: burnatonce ("bao") Data CD/DVD authoring. Audio CD authoring. In order to burn DVD's you need the ProDVD add-on. http://www.burnatonce.com/ http://www.burnatonce.net/ CDex Audio CD ripper, encoder frontend, decoder frontend. You can manually configure command line encoders to work with it such as LAME, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, etc. http://cdexos.sourceforge.net/ Exact Audio Copy ("EAC") Secure audio CD ripper (if configured properly), audio CD authoring, encoder frontend, decoder frontend, wave editor, wave comparer. You can manually configure command line encoders to work with it such as LAME, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, etc. http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/ metapad Text editor. A powerful replacement for Notepad. http://liquidninja.com/metapad DSOstop Prevents the DSO Exploit security issue in all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Google search for a download site Inno Setup Creates simple, or complex setup/install packages for distribution. http://www.innosetup.com/ http://www.jrsoftware.org/ IsoBuster CD/DVD recovery software. The free functionality version has limited features. http://www.isobuster.com/ http://www.cdrecovery.net/ http://www.smart-projects.net/isobuster/ Memtest86+ System memory diagnostic software. http://www.memtest.org/ Resource Hacker Change button layouts, text, etc., in programs without necessarily breaking them. For moderate to advanced users that know what they're doing. http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/ Ultimate Packer for eXecutables ("UPX") Compress executables such as .dll, .exe, etc., to reduce their size. Can also decompress files it compressed. Warning: Always have a backup copy of any file you wish to compress hence you may have to restore the unmodified version! Do NOT compress Microsoft Windows operating system files, or Microsoft Office files, you may or will break them! http://upx.sourceforge.net/ MP3Gain Replaygain for MP3's. Gives your MP3's a similiar volume level without resorting to destructive normalization. http://mp3gain.sourceforge.net/ MusePack ("MPC") MusePack audio software, high quality lossy audio format - however not widely supported. http://www.musepack.net/ Speek's Frontends Frontends for audio software, such as; LAME, FLAC, MusePack, Ogg Vorbis, Tag, WaveGain, WavPack, etc. http://members.home.nl/w.speek/ Clic A small user friendly image to icon program. Creates 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 72x72, and 96x96 icons. Can save with transparency. http://www.blaiz.net/CLIC.HTM CabPack Makes Microsoft .cab compressed archives and features good compression ratios if using LZX. Rather old, however it works on Windows 9x to XP. http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/ CDStarter A user friendly autorun program for CD's/DVD's. Great for usage to automatically run an .exe setup file, an .m3u playlist file, etc. http://www.wentnet.com/projects/cdstarter/ Copy&Trim A part of ToolsPackage, however it can be separately downloaded at the bottom of the page. Cuts spaces & tabs in the clipboard (for website use). http://www.freewarehits.de/ToolsPackage.htm Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP Add-on's for Windows XP featuring many software/utilities that can be very useful - especially ClearType Tuner and Tweak UI. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloa...ppowertoys.mspx
  19. If you're paranoid about any left over remnants of the cache you can make sure that CCleaner removes it everytime by adding the cache folder to the Custom Folders. Be careful though, make sure you only add the cache folder or you'll end up deleting your profile.
  20. I was searching in a galaxy far, far away.
  21. Andavari

    Error Msg

    Post a screenshot, along with your Windows version so we'll know what you're talking about.
  22. Some info, but not downloadable patch here: http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/iseries/v5r2.../rbae5mst11.htm
  23. If they're too lazy to read what the version/build changes are then I'd say its their own loss, they can deal with any potential problems that may exist in previous versions that may have been fixed in the next build of a version of any software, not just CCleaner. I don't really think removing the last two version identification numbers, and then sticking a letter at the end would help at all, it would still trigger to those lazy folk that it isn't a major update therefore they wouldn't update until they see a full version number leap.
  24. Andavari


    If you're having problems with IE not loading pages try this, no gaurantee it'll work: 1. Right click the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop and select Properties. 2. Click Delete Cookies, then click OK. 3. Click Delete Files, probably wouldn't hurt to select Delete all offline content, then click OK. 4. Click Clear History, then click OK. 5. Click OK to exit Internet Properties. 6. Open CCleaner, on the Windows tab in CCleaner under the Internet Explorer section make sure the following items are check marked: Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History, Delete Index.dat files 7. Then click the Run CCleaner button to remove the junk. 8. Restart your computer. Note: Some update programs use the Temporary Internet Files folder to download a .txt file that compares your installed version to the version on the server, they can also download update files to that folder before installing them. Now if that update program doesn't remove its own update files, etc., sometimes those files can't be seen by Internet Explorer's own built-in cleaning tools, hence the reason to run CCleaner to detect and remove them.
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