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  1. I've been switching over all of my soundtracks from MP3 to Ogg Vorbis lately because of how much better the sound quality is, and how the file size is nearly the same as, if not smaller, then the original MP3 file (and this is with a higher bit rate too!). Only problem is, I need some way to tag them, since Foobar recognizes all of them under the same album, which makes it hard to find different soundtracks. I've found a few on Google, but I would like your opinion as to which one I should use.
  2. They are calling it TopGear fully. I don't find the commercials too impressive either, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see if it is as good as they say it is.
  3. Watched a commercial on the History Channel last night, and the commercial was about TopGear. On the History Channel, and in the US (didn't look like the same guys from the original TopGear though).
  4. I know a little C# myself, but I'm trying to fully learn it at the moment. Unfortunately, Microsoft's default programs for doing this are much too expensive. Any suggestions?
  5. Icedrake

    Reg Errors?

    That must be something new then. I don't think the old auslogics defraggers had that.
  6. Icedrake

    Reg Errors?

    Um... with the 14 so called errors from the Defragger. I think those are something else, since defragmenters don't find registry errors.
  7. Meh, I don't see the point of that video anyway. If you don't like a program, then don't use it. Especially considering that OpenOffice is completely free. If you want to shell out a few hundred bucks on MS Office, then do it.
  8. Icedrake

    AVG Fail

    Notice how the program in the screenshot for AVG's new system tune-up utility, looks EXACTLY like Auslogics Boostspeed: http://store.v3.co.uk/p13899-avg_pc_tuneup_2011_1-pc. Don't they have anything better to do other than copy a perfectly good program and run it off as their own? Also, compare the descriptions of both programs: AVG: http://www.avg.com/ww-en/avg-pctuneup#tba1 Auslogics: http://www.auslogics.com/en/software/boost-speed/ Notice how alike they both look? Here's a quick screenshot comparison: AVG: Auslogics:
  9. Ugh... Adobe Reader ---> Microsoft Reader?
  10. Thanks Tasgandy. Turns out the old ship wallpapers are all smaller than what my resolutions are, so they look pretty blurry when I put them on my computers. However, I did find one wallpaper that I really quite liked: Quite a funny image, especially the facial expressions of the sheep.
  11. I agree. What's so appealing about breaking the law in a game anyways?
  12. Well, using RocketDock now. Working great. That is one awesome wallpaper Tasgandy! Can you tell me where you got those, and if they have 1600 by 1200 or any bigger resolutions?
  13. I'm getting bored of desktop icons now. Are there any good free docks out there that aren't too resource intensive? I need it to be able to run on this Win XP comp. Anything is fine for my other comp, so any suggestion as to a good dock would be good.
  14. Haven't even noticed the forum was down. Hmm... Dennis, have you been using mind control on me? OMG! You changed your avatar! Is this the first time in a few years?
  15. It's watching and waiting...
  16. What would be your suggestion Aethec? Switch to LibreOffice, or stay with OODev for now.
  17. Does this mean that the OpenOffice on www.openoffice.org is no longer being developed, and that users of it have to switch to LibreOffice?
  18. Nice list of sentences Fluffy. Some of those really made me laugh.
  19. Hey Abu, and welcome back!
  20. What about Mort or Maurice? Nice looking cat though, its fur is beautiful.
  21. Here's my desktop. I'm really into astrophysics, so why not have a space related background?
  22. Why is it that so many people manage to argue over Windows XP and Windows 7 in any topic? If someone uses Windows XP deal with it. If someone uses Windows 7, then also deal with it. It's everyone's personal choice what they want to do, and arguing won't change anything.
  23. Icedrake


    I read a post on AskVG the other day about a program named QTTabBar that was once abandoned, and is now back in development. It seems like a great program, and on SourceForge, it hasn't received any negative reviews/ratings. I'm wondering if anyone has tried out this new version, because I'm thinking of trying it out myself. Link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/qttabbar/
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