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  1. let's not turn this topic into a pro/anti gun ownership discussion.
  2. was about to mention someone was having the same problem in the hijack-this area. But that someone is you
  3. I hereby patent the idea of putting patents on things and ideas.
  4. I particularly like this one:
  5. not sure... don't underestimate Das Boot
  6. think it's going to be a photo finish
  7. Sputnik


    Did you try the Index.dat Suite?
  8. JkDefrag v3.28 has been released Changelog for 3.27 Changes: - Changed action "-a 2" into defragment only (no fixup), and moved the "fixup" for "-a 3" to phase 3. - If the program detects that directories cannot be moved (on FAT disks) then messages about unmovable directories are suppressed in the status report. - Added code to the screensaver that instructs Windows not to go into power saver mode while the program is running. - Changed the percentage progress counter for "fixup". - The program will now always exit with return code zero (success), instead of 1 (error). - Bugfix for infinite loop in the "-a 5" action (force together). - Removed the extraneous "already has a list of fragments" error message in the logfile. - Added the special exception to ignore the DriveCrypt "?:\\BootAuth?.sys" files to the NTFS scanner. - Bugfix for a memory leak in the NTFS scanner. - Bugfix in the status report for the number of fragmented files. Changelog for 3.28 Changes: - Restored the manifest file. I did not notice that the compiler had overwritten the manifest file, causing JkDefrag not to start on Windows XP.
  9. Perhaps you should try here: http://www.webroot.com/forms/wdfformhdlr.p...wnload_WDF_Free edit: must be getting late... that's the link Ishan already provided
  10. something tells me I'm going to use this site much more often than wikipedia
  11. Thanks speytone I'm gonna give this a try
  12. Sputnik

    Forum Junkie

    resistance is futile and welcome to the forums
  13. this really is a funky subject
  14. Sputnik thinks this is a good find
  15. I'm really happy rabbits don't do stuff like this
  16. This is astonishing... Don't even need a virtual machine for this
  17. Sputnik

    Purple dot

    Anyone tried the river crossing puzzle?
  18. Thanks Ishan Might give this one a try on a VM
  19. a thing with a plug I guess the mental hospital is running out of beds fast
  20. Nice find Humpty After completing your very own satellite it has to be launched. Perhaps with a Water Rocket?
  21. Sputnik

    Purple dot

    Tried it again and completed it
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