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  1. Chuck Ragans' New Full Length .... 1st of Sepetember. Can't effin wait. I love how all my old punk rock heros have gone folk or country.... And That, my friends, IS punk rock. HAHA
  2. Intresting. I have sat in on LiDAR presentations at my job. Its practical application as it applies to me, is they use it for surveying and scouting jobs in The Northern Canadian Oil field. Basically a plane flies over a parcel of land shoots trillions of laser beams each of which has a Lat and Long, elevation. These points can be complied into whatever you want really. Here they use it to build 3 dimensional fly thrus of an area for particular clients to view rather then actually sending themsevles, surveys crews, helicopters etc etc out into the middle of northern nowhere. FLy thrus look great. Complete with trees provided they are taller then one meter! Kinda looks like early Digital animated shorts. also makes google earths' topo view look like Fisher Price tom foolery. Intresting stuff. Its really taken the whole geomatic game to a new level. But you'll never ever replace conventianl surveying with LiDAR. Nothing beats the human touch lol. Sorry... way off topic. . . . .
  3. I have been using AVG for years and just recently switched to AVG 8 Free. I have noticed a considerable difference in my PCs performance, I know its for the better I am sure but im looking for something thats effective and doesnt slow my stuff down to a friggin halt. Is there any other converted AVG users out there? If so what did you switch too?
  4. I dabble in it. Just message me and I can see what i can do. I grew up playing in DIY punk bands for a decade or more, and i took care of most if not all GD. Posters, stickers, album art etc. Havent done much lately, but again, message me and i may be able to help.
  5. I'm pretty sure defraggler has a scheduler thing I have mine scheduled to run before i get to work. So more or less, I'm 100% sure it has a scheduler. HAHA Not sure about CCleaner.
  6. I have heard Safari is pretty good. I have been debating on giving it a try when i get my other issues sorted out. I am slowly recovering from one of those rediculous MSN viruses.
  7. speytone

    I'm Back.

    Well its pretty rad to be back haha. I'm kinda missing home (Nova Scotia) right now. And seeing as this was something i checked (almost) daily at home it kinda takes me back there. In a really really weird way. HAHA. Thanks again for the greetings all.
  8. Banana and Coffee. If im not in a rush Boiled Brains.
  9. speytone

    I'm Back.

    Its all good. We all get a little confused. I can also be confusing at the best of times. Yes i Remember capman. Another one i have seen is JDPower. Helped me out of a jam or two. HAHA! I can only assume that you guys are all moderators. Perhaps why the names stuck? Anyway. I just thought I'd get back on and try to keep up. Plus this place is hellishly cold. The extra typing helps keep warm.
  10. speytone

    I'm Back.

    I dont really think anyone would remember me or not, but i used to frequent here a bit over a year and a half ago or more. I got alot of good advice from some good people, most noteably Andavari, hazelnut and DennisD. But im back now. Ive left the Information Technology world, and gone a little more to my trade i went to schooling for. I am now Drafting for a Geomatics Company in Northern Canada. So Hooray!!!! Bit more money and alot less retarded people. HAHA. I really didnt have patience for the people i used to work for. Anyways. Its good to be back and see some familiar faces, Er, Avatars?
  11. speytone

    OH SNAP!

    no. i use secure deletion apparently. thanks for your help. Maybe she wont notice.
  12. speytone

    OH SNAP!

    Ok so. Somehow i must have accidently sent something to the recycling bin by accident.... like my girlfriends music folder... yea. oh s**t right?!!! I happened to glance at the screen of what it was removing and i saw a bunch of song titles. I canceled it immediately I read the log and 980 Mbs of stuff got deleted and i know the Bin was Empty Prior to scanning. My question is. Can i see what CCleaner deleted from the recycling bin? Or can i undo what CCleaner did? I think i know the answers to both questions but i thought id ask it anyways. Thanks.
  13. Ha. and Ha. Yea i got to thinking and the ipod touch is still 'new'. I'm sure there will be improvements made and im sure they will get better. I think I'm going to take ridgelys advice and go back to my original plan and get a player and a gps. It just seems more efficient. What is the 30gig player you (rridgely) mentioned?
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