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  1. Thanks Downloading it now
  2. thanks downloading it now
  3. yes you can term site:www.something.com Your example would look like this NAT site:www.wilderssecurity.com
  4. Or get Google Tisp
  5. Download the installer here and get your serial here Enjoy
  6. Sputnik


    no difference here either
  7. Blacklight works with Vista. From http://www.f-secure.com/blacklight/try_blacklight.html:
  8. Sputnik

    google maps

    Apparently the developers of google maps have a sense of humour: Just asked for some directions myself and they indeed do advise you to swim across the Atlantic. They also send you from Boston to Le Havre if you need to get from par example Oklahoma or Miami to Lisbon or Bordeaux
  9. You're right. I guess we would also visit filehippo.com to see whether there are updates for the update checker
  10. Sputnik

    shred file name

    The latest version of SDelete (v1.51) can be found here
  11. Don't think I'm going to use it myself but some people might be interested. Filehippo has developed an update checker:
  12. The following is stated at the Comodo Forums: Apparently Comodo BOclean will be out next week or so
  13. Sputnik

    Stress Test

    Humpty are absolutely sure those two dolphins are identical? Cause if they are, I must be terribly stressed
  14. Thanks Downloading it right now
  15. The tools section in Dial-a-fix offers the possibility to reinstall system restore - you might be prompted for your installation media.
  16. Navigate to the backup folder within the regseeker folder. Right-click the required backup, select 'Merge'.
  17. I have it installed and keep it up-to-date. Don't see any difference with the earlier versions
  18. thanks downloading it right now
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