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  1. haha had started to forget so many of you shun java lol - oh well
  2. Found a really easy one, http://www.uploadscreenshot.com/ All you need to do is prntscrn and paste into the browser applet. Create a login and you can even crop images (auto creates new one so original is still there) example preview
  3. Since using the Windows 7RC, I've been happy with the built in Firewall + common sense. I could enable the router as well but haven't got around to playing around with it.
  4. 1. Don't worry about the metadata 2. CCleaner only wipes over the free space once which is not a big issue for everday users. and can be seen as a feature request. Overall that means, Hakuna Matata
  5. There are some good explanations of the reason for the difference in "Size" and "Size on disc" here and in detail here.
  6. And it still works! ..lol..
  7. I'd recommend making a My Documents folder on the other drive/partition instead of leaving it to move the files to the root directory!
  8. Thats right, forgot about that.
  9. That would be a possible cause. --- For anyone who has trouble finding out if they have SP2 installed: Click 'Start' Click 'Run' Type winver Click 'Ok' This will display your windows version.
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