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  1. I heard this before but it's not quite true. Take a look at Grisoft: Grisoft only wants you to update to 7.5.
  2. Sputnik


    A recovery program to render files irrecoverable? LOL Though it would be a valuable addition
  3. Thanks for the link Hazelnut Antivir is indeed getting quite annoying when running Nanoscan. They also offer ActiveScan 2.0 which appears to be more thorough
  4. Just downloaded it Keep up the good work
  5. Sputnik


    How about a link on www.recuva.com pointing to CCleaner forums so people unfamiliar with the recuva forum on forum.CCleaner.com can also get support
  6. there is a list of old versions at filehippo. Just install the version you think you need over the top of 1.33. I don't see why you want an old version, I'm not experiencing any problems with 1.37
  7. I already thought I saw this before. http://forum.CCleaner.com/index.php?showto...mp;hl=msfirefox Remains funny (the msfirefox mail beta is great)
  8. I tried it once. And got rid of it
  9. Just found this link on downloadjunkie.co.uk: Netscape 9.0 teaser
  10. Comodo Firewall updated to
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