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  1. Welcome to the forums Follow these instructions and post in the Spyware Hell section edit:only to notice Icedrake was faster
  2. Thnx Dennis This looks very interesting
  3. You can download v2.07 from filehippo
  4. Thanks. Didn't update the program in quite a while
  5. another vote for SAS and AVG-AS
  6. Comodo v3 runs smooth here (win xp)
  7. no problems here. they probably fixed it
  8. Sandboxie version 3.20 has been released Changelog
  9. I use the Customize Google add-on (firefox)
  10. there is a pinned thread on disk partitions in the hardware forum.
  11. Welcome to the forum TerryReece Perhaps you could run a scan with HijackThis and post a log in the appropriate section. One of the HijackThis log helpers might help you with your problem.
  12. Sputnik

    Another tool?

    which you can find here
  13. thnx for the quick update
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