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  1. The GUI for JkDefrag 3.15 has been released: http://www.emro.nl/freeware/
  2. And you spoke too soon again JkDefrag v3.14 has been released.
  3. poor hippo however, since we're talking about frogs:
  4. Thanks Hazelnut, If the service is set to manual it will run
  5. I disabled it using autoruns
  6. the freeware version will not run without the service
  7. thanks downloading it now - though I don't expect great improvements
  8. Thanks Humpty I'm using the free Registry Mechanic offered sometime ago at downloadjunkie.co.uk, so ...
  9. thanks downloading it now (JKdefrag, not the gui)
  10. never encountered any problems with 2.0...
  11. They update the program quite often indeed
  12. SuperAntiSpyware 3.8.1002 has been released
  13. Never had any troubles with it...
  14. I can't wait! How is the work on version 2 going?
  15. R.E.M. - Country feedback
  16. I also got a false positive for the Recuva uninstaller
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