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  1. Like with everything else, its a mindless backward step! I hate to move on from my Office XP!! truly the new versions are pathetic, most of the useful features gone, and replaced by frivolities! my programs written in VBA6 needed much changes to be useable by others using the later VBA7, libraries have been replaced by fancy stuff and the hard core features removed... I am truly disgusted in MS
  2. Whatever happended to computing! ? since win7 ( and I am completely disregarding the fact that Vista was ever introduced), it appears that todays so called computers are mere fancy media machines.. its just absolutely backward!!
  3. have they reduced its command line function for the freeware even more??
  4. for USB Encryption : usbsafeguard or Rohos-mini ( both allow upto 2GB of encryption) I also use cacls function (USB flash drive must be NTFS) in Run>> cmd to make the containing folder inaccessible & undeletable and leave a shortcut in the root folder!
  5. guys I couldn't access Piriforms forums too , received error message saying access denied. I am on a dynamic IP is it possible to check my login details and see if there's any such block atall? cheers Regds Tom
  6. good for sharing files, but doesn't allow personal stuff to be uploaded as a cloud storage
  7. thanks to you all! yes and I did want it for file sharing as well as cloud storage
  8. Hi people, I'm on the look out for a secure, online storage site that doesn't have time limitations, has file/folder sharing rights/privileges and allows Folder uploads ( as opposed to individual file uploads) Storage upto 10GB or more would be great! Should allow unlimited downloads or at least a decent daily quota... Whats the best?? which services do you avail off? cheers
  9. Sorry guys! yep, I might have overlooked the double http:// ........definitely doesn't provide any browser any more help
  10. USB Flash Security Website USB Flash Security Ver 3.3 a good freeware USB Password utility that works free for Flash drives upto 4GB! (tried other freeware but none that allow mere password lock in addition to optional encryption and none not even Cryptainer LE allows more than 100MB -200MB ) Also tried and use USB Safeguard ( great encryption and folder protection on USB drives) I think this allows encryption for folder size upto 2GB USB Safeguard and yet to try Folder Guard and its products (sorry haven't checked for it to be a freeware )
  11. I use Tomahawk, good little app and have never really needed to look further, if you haven't given that a try.. you might want to..
  12. If I may (as this isn't a computer software but one for Java enabled phones... Its got a few limitations of a freeware but overall stoked by 'WE TRAVEL' for GPS phones My link
  13. Its frustrating when you wish to scan just the one file from the right click context menu .... it scans the entire system environment!
  14. Oh ok... well, the only reason I use IE7 Pro is for its ability to record text typed which I am easily able to copy paste within a session and another being its Download manager which I use to interrupt a download and continue later... ( as and when required) also would I need to update the Winappi 2 for CCleaner ?? ( to include the new version of Opera - as the one in the winappi I've got reads... 'Opera 9...' cheers
  15. Hi Hazel, does it have a good download manager and does it require any add-ons like IE Pro7 for IE7?? ta Tom
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