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  1. Not blondes also do lol. Don't know why though. Always thinking they: 1)Won Something - Wohoooooooo 2)Uhhhh interesting e-mail 3)etc...a millon more reasons Why I wonder...
  2. Ok, yes, Avira doesn't have an E-mail Scanner. But, answer me this, what good does an "E-mail Scanner" have if the dectection don't work as good a it's supposed to? Anecdote from another forum: It's not just the: "They say...", it's the facts that talk now. Anyway, you decide with which AV you feel more comfortable. Those are my 2 last cents. hehe
  3. Double post below sorry.
  4. I would recommend AntiVir. It has superior detection rates.
  5. lol. I'm too far behind to catch up. I would have to post like 20 posts a day to catch up like 2-3 months later since CTskifreak would be posting too.
  6. Simple Overwrite: Overwrites with data on the file with Random Bytes I suppose. U.S. DoD 5220.22-M (3-pass standard): A three-pass wipe. The 1st pass writes all 0's to the drive, the 2nd pass writes all 1's to the drive and the 3rd pass writes a random pattern. example: 0000 0000, followed by 1111 1111, then 1001 0111. U.S. DoD 5220-22.M (7-pass standard): A seven-pass wipe using random characters, complements of characters, and random data streams. Guttman: here ########################### From 1 to 4, number 1 being the fastest deletion cause it overwrites the file once and 4 the slowest since it has to overwrite the file 35 times. -Sockdown-
  7. Hahaha. It's gonna be impossible to do that. lol
  8. Musicmad Forgot about this one. Thanks to davey for the link on the "emptying the recycle bin" topic. There's an updated Beginners Guide here. On the 4th node, where it says: "CCleaner Information", there's a detailed description to the other questions you asked.
  9. Sockdown

    So yeah...

    At last! 100 posts! Wuhuuuuuuuuuuu. *Sockdown starts music* Congratulations to me, congratulations to me, WEEEEEEEE lol! Sorry, it's my first ever 100 posts in any forum, so, it's something new to me. Feels good!
  10. lol! Yeah! I remember those days.
  11. I heard of this before. The fake codec's. One of these days, if they find a way, they will insert the malware with the video and as it streams to infect you. When you read things like this, you thank God for the Malware Experts!
  12. Mine sucked. Somewhere about 625kb's download and 160kb's upload. I need to get some money to increase the connection speed, dammit!
  13. Sockdown

    Free Email.

    Yup. Like acooldozen and Icedrake said, Gmail.
  14. I'm not having the problem either. Something must be happening over there. But, it sucks if it's happening to you.
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