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  1. And now it is 2021! And I'm getting older than dust!
  2. Not a few years, but it took awhile. And yup, still in that field. More than half done my career already. My kids were babies, one not even born when I joined this forum, and now they are all so big. Life is good.
  3. Haven't been here in awhile, but I still see some of the same names from days gone by. Pretty cool that a forum can last so long! I've been using ccleaner since close to the beginning, and it is still one of my go to apps. Use it on my pixel xl, my pc, and put it on any computers i help tidy up, etc. Nice to see this has been enduring and still getting regular updates.
  4. Sorry if this has been discussed (i didn't find anything in the search) before, but is there anything on the drawing board for a version of ccleaner for jailbroken iphones? As in, putting it up on the Cydia store for install? That would be super awesome, I've tried the android version and think it's great, but my iphones are a bit jealous. Thanks!
  5. It's been years since I've even seen an ad, so don't even think about it.
  6. I own an Asus Transformer Tablet (Jelly Bean operating system), the ipad3, blackberry playbook, along with an iphone 4s, 7 ipod touch gen 4, 1 ipod touch gen 5 and a an iphone 4. all the apple products are jailbroken, and that makes them awesome. Having given them all a fair shake (and ive had blackberries in the past too) i like apple best. fluid, smooth, clear, its just the best out there all in all. Once you jailbreak, its absolutely awesome. Having said that, lots of cool apps/features that you can get with android, and definitely has some advantages over stock apple products. If you aren't into jailbreaking and want cool features, android has a lot to offer. I also like some of the bigger screens. For battery life i have a new trent power battery which charges the iphone up to 6 times, so never am without power. Also have a mophie juicepack battery case for my phones. Waiting for the new iphone to come out to upgrade again, hoping it isn't too long for a jailbreak as they add so much to a phone. Too bad apple has such a closed garden. Those blackberry phones are looking pretty tasty too, but as it is I'm wrangling for a windows tablet and can only get so many toys a year.....
  7. I find these newer consoles confusing. My kids kick my butts at them.
  8. tried disabling adblock-negative for love. can't figure this one out as i didn't change anything that i can think of.
  9. Hey guys, quick, question for ya all. I seem to have frames disabled in firefox. Now when i do the about:config thing and go down to frames, it shows "true" which should mean that frames are enabled. But they aren't. The only thing I can think of is that some add on is disabling them. This is super annoying. I have a number of addons installed (adblock plus, wot, etc.) but not sure which ones could be affecting it. Any suggestions?
  10. Webmail Notifier https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/webmail-notifier/ When you have lots of children like I do, and several emails, and 7 household computers, this extension is essential.
  11. i laughed when i saw that too...
  12. Thanks for the posts guys, actually found a few free ones and the kiddos are enjoying like crazy! Thanks so much!
  13. I love my gmail. It has lots of storage, syncs to my iphone perfectly, and allows me to keep my picasa and calendars all connected, in sync, and with one provider. Would never go back to yahoo, hotmail, or my internet provider ever.
  14. Hey guys, I have a question for you all. I'm looking to find free PC Games that I can download for my kids. They are ages 3,6,7,9,11 and are girl, boy, boy, girl, girl. They like plants vs. zombies (the older girls) and the boys like Wii games like The Hulk, Lego Star Wars, etc. They all have ipods, Nintendo Dsis, and the portable psp for on the go, but for kicking around the house and not on the Wii, are there any sites that cater to free downloads for those kinds of games? Mostly for the two older kids, but the boys like computer games too. Thanks guys!
  15. I love the iphone and ipod. I've had every kind of cell phone imaginable over the last 15 plus years and none touch the iphone for awesomeness. It has a few shortcomings for sure, but overall, the experience is super. Never had a mac though, and to be honest, i love my pc. Does everything i want, no issues, and windows is a great system imho.
  16. I can only imagine the sounds of the collective sigh of relief of all sheep and goats in the Pakistan area....
  17. 1984

    The Japan Tsunami

    Not to minimize things, because this is a terrible tragedy, but the US did drop two nuclear bombs with much more devastating effect, and Japan regrew into a wonderful country, vibrant, economically strong and whole again. With time, these poor people will do the same. Too bad that there are so many ways (war, earthquakes, tsunamis,etc.) for people to die in mass numbers. Hopefully the world community will help them rebuild their lives as best as can be.
  18. I haven't had a chance to play with an android phone that much yet. I have the iphone, and to be honest, my old blackberry storm was like the simple minded little brother compared to it. There is not too much that i want my iphone to do that it cant (maybe an led notification light, better notification system, and better battery life) do, and to be honest, don't see a need to peek at the android that much. I can text like crazy, surfing is fast, email is great, and the apps are awesome, i can pretty much do anything. I think the few minor things that it is missing are easily made up by all the things that it does do. So far, malware free. Also, since getting the iphone, ive already gotten my sons and daughters and myself! ipods, due to the fact that the iphone was so darn handy! And they absolutely love their ipod touches, but hey, the games, the apps, who couldn't love that stuff? So off topic i know, but I was playing on the phone and checking out the app store while reading this thread!
  19. I hate topics like this. So much death, illness, and sadness in the world. I'm an atheist, so don't believe in anything beyond the here and now. But I wish you all the best, and hope you find comfort in whatever way makes you find peace. All the best, what a terrible thing to have to endure....
  20. thanks Dennis, this looks like it might help!
  21. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could suggest a freeware program that can be used to safely remove usb drives prior to shutting them off. I have several external hard drives, and for whatever reason, the windows version of safe remove doesnt always do it properly. I'm using Windows Vista 64x, but if there is a program that works for Windows 7 as well (that's whats on my daughters computers) that would be great. Thanks in advance all!
  22. 1984

    A Special Thanks

    I have to agree with the OP here. I don't come here near as much as I used to due to life/family/work time committments but every time I come back I see a well put together site, with a great team of fair moderators that do an excellent job. I love this site and see it as a great warm community with valuable information and great people as members. A place to come and discuss ideas and thoughts without the usual forum spam, trolls, and negative comments about each other. Piriform makes some absolutely great products and MrG has chosen the cream of the crop in mods, so once again thanks to all that keep this site flourishing and a welcoming community.
  23. I would have voted firefox, vlc player, and then ccleaner. I would have to say these are my three (if i had to name three) most essential and used software items.
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