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  1. As Nick explained on the SAS forum the bug was in 3.9 reporting incorrect number of files scanned.


    [There was a documented bug in version 3.9.1008 where the file count was being reported incorrectly. Version 4.0.1154 correctly reports the number of files scanned.]

  2. The same keys appear on my pc after opening add/remove and I have always deleted them without a problem. If you are so worried about it you have the option to ignore them, Or delete them but create a back-up. Then, if for some personal reason you want them back; merge them back to the registry.


    PS. As this isn't a CCleaner bug, perhaps it would be best if a moderator moved this thread to CCleaner discussion, so other new users arn't confused

  3. A 'windows repair' is a clean install of the operating system without removing any other programs or documents. However, rectify the overheating problem first, as a shutdown during a repair would cause a lot of problems.


    PS. remember if you are going to boot from a SP2 disk you will have to remove IE7 first for the repair to be performed properly.

  4. I think you are trying to deal with to many things at once.


    1. If your PC is now working ok, you dont need the reg backup's

    2. If your pc is not working ok and you believe CCleaner caused a problem, then restore the reg backups in date time order starting with the last one. When this is complete reboot the PC. You can now remove CCleaner if you want to.

    3. If after all this your pc is still faulty, run some on line scans to check you have no infections. If the PC is clean but still not working ok, then I suggest you carry out a Windows Repair instructions for this



  5. Here's my question ....


    1) What happens if I uninstall CCleaner, does the backup of what I removed out of the registry get deleted also and put back on my computer.

    If I do not merge the registry back, are those things cleaned out for good.? Will they stay under documents with other registry backups Ive actually saved?


    I need an answer and then I will ask the next question.


    The reg back-up does not require CCleaner to be installed if you wish to restore it at a later date. However, if you are concerned you could copy your reg backups to a floppy disk. so you can safley remove CCleaner.


    If you want a reliable free antimalware program I would strongly recomend Superantspyware. http://www.superantispyware.com/download.html


    Hope this helps you

  6. Mike,

    I will try.

    You want to see if I uninstall if it goes away? Am I correct.



    Any idea what this is?

    {sprt cmnd } program still running when I go to shut down.


    Yes that was my thoughts.


    As for {sprt cmnd } a google brought up several hits but not in English (my only language) but if you think it could be[sprtcmd] then it seems to be related to Dell support



  7. Hi tinyspirit. I would recommend that you restore your reg backups, and then uninstall CCleaner. reboot PC and check to see if your problems have been resolved. This will establish if you have to search further for the cure to your problems.


    PS I also find daveys posts confusing and often pointless, but probably trying to help nonetheless

  8. It sends no signal to the monitor if I try to boot in safe mode with the disk or not. Is there a way to change what kind of video output your computer is sending to the monitor??


    Worth trying to change your graphics card driver to a windows standard and disconect 1 of your monitors

  9. I didn't mention running software Anthony, just surfing the web.


    Does that machine without .net surf the web without any problems? That would be contrary to everything I've learned on here. Puzzled. ;)


    In all my surfing I have only come across one on line shop site that required it, and then only for delivery tracking.

  10. I know, I tend to do that. I'm surprised I still have a working computer. I don't want to mess with it more than I have to but there are so many programs in that taskbar that I don't know what they are. And when I do a search on them, some don't even come up.


    Maybe starting over with exact instructions on what to do will work better for me? I promise not to have ants in the pants, I'll patiently wait (I'm in the US, so my time with you all is limited, you're probably all sleeping over there in the UK) OK. I'm going to take a screenshot of my task manager the way it is right now and we can start from there..sound cool? Here it is:


    Your list looks fine to me.

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