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  1. MikeW


    Pups are not malware!!
  2. I fully concur with Hazels view. I would also suggest that unless you have extensive knowledge on the programs that you are going to recommend to others, that you give up this project and leave it to the experts.
  3. I have been an Mbam beta tester for some years, I and a number of their trusted advisers/experts all agree this version should not have been released.
  4. Mbam 2 worked flawlessly for me, unlike version 3
  5. Version 3 still has many bugs as reported by the beta testers.
  6. As I am on Win7 and IE this should not be necessary. Perhaps you should have a separate version for win 10
  7. I have reverted back 5.19 as force closing IE every time is unacceptable
  8. Provided you have a good security set up you have nothing to worry about if you leave your PC switched on.
  9. I do!!!! and I would not use any of the others
  10. Same for me. I unticked the option when installing it install monitoring anyway. I've unchecked it from options plus removing it from taskbar and startup folder. On reboot its all back again. This is totally unaceptable.
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