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  1. MikeW


    Pups are not malware!!
  2. As I am on Win7 and IE this should not be necessary. Perhaps you should have a separate version for win 10
  3. I have reverted back 5.19 as force closing IE every time is unacceptable
  4. A view shared by many of us beta testers Hazel. We have suggested that the have an option to revert to the old layout or something similar. Not sure they will take that on board though
  5. Thanks Hazel, promise I wont 'Crow' about it
  6. Testing file attach Working for me now
  7. Upload test via normal uploader doesn.t work Dragon Rapide taking off from Duxford Museum
  8. No but it is already connecting to the new server
  9. Hostman is already using the new server. I have had updates on the 30th and on the 5th but both were the same number of sites so I guess it was the same definitions or just some minor adjustment
  10. I did mine via Hostman updater and it shows 05/01/11. So, something is out of kilter
  11. MVPS updated 05-01-11 Info is correct I just updated it Hazel
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