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  1. XP is much better IMHO recently bought a new PC and OEM installed XP instead of Vista they said many were asking for this option. Also, as MS are getting close to launching windows 7 they must also think they got it wrong with Vista :D

  2. Some people may not like having a hidden file on their system Kenny, and are entitled to be made aware of it in my opinion.


    All my post did was bring this fact to their attention.


    I'm with you on this Hazel. I hate any software that attempts to hide information from the user. Although I dont use siteadvisor anyway

  3. Hi guys ;)

    I'm trying to determine what "type" of video card I have? :huh:

    Is my card a "PCI" or "AGP" card?


    NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 128 MB

    Windows Device Manager

    Reports that the device is working properly.

    Location: PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0

    GA-8VM800PMD-775 Motherboard

    Expansion Slots: 1 AGP slot & 3 PCI slots

    My video card is on the "AGP" slot, dose this mean that my video card is a "AGP" type of card? even though it's location is "PCI bus 1"


    I'm shopping for a new video card... and getting a little bit confused :blink:

    Thanks in advance for any helpful info ;)


    This image should help you

  4. I have a Dell computer that came with Jasc Animation Shop 3, Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 pre-installed. I never use these apps -- nor do I ever plan to. I assume they can be uninstalled -- or does Dell somehow use or integrate these into other essential graphics components? Once again, I'm assuming that these are some of Dell's "value added" apps. However, because they collectively represent almost 250MB and I would like to get rid of them if I can safely do that.


    Just uninstall them they are all genuine products except PSP ver 8 is hopelessly out of date

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