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  1. Hi,

    I just installed CCleaner 1.27.260 slim on my 98se computer and it all went well (except after cleaning the Windows/Applications area) when I tried to right-click on my desktop I got the hourglass and c/a/d showed Explorer wasn't responding. I was able to reboot and everything was okay. I then scanned the registry, backed up, and fixed. I am very impressed with CCleaner!


    I would like to install CCleaner on our XPHomesp2 computer and have a few questions:


    I have read that if CC Cleaner cleans the C\Windows\PCHealth\helpCTR\offline cache index.dat, the result is that when you try to access msinfo.exe you get the Windows Help instead and can't access msinfo. Has this problem been fixed? (When I ran CC on 98, if I right-clicked on an item in analyze I got the option to "copy to txt". I didn't see any way to de-select an item in this area.)


    Also, on the Dell 8400 computer, in my C\Windows\Temp area, besides .tmp files, are History, Cookies, Internet Temp. File folders and many, many .mst files - and a very large Drivers folder. I manually deleted the .mst files and driver folder once and they were all recreated. These .mst files were created when the computer was built.


    And, about 2 months ago I deleted some files from the C/Windows/Temp and Temp.Internet Files and when I deleted them from the recycle bin my icons changed on the desktop, I couldn't reboot or shut down the computer and I ended up doing a system restore.


    Based on the above, is there a way for me to use CCleaner safely on the XP computer? Also, I noticed in the options a setting to not delete tmp files under 48 hours old (so if that's not checked, will it delete a file 2 hours old?)


    Thank you.


    Sincerely, Libra



    This may help restore your msinfo32.exe

    Visit http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm and scroll

    down to Item #221 (right column) "Restore System Information"


  2. Does it say that you're up to date because those installations are recorded in your update history? :(


    There is a bug in the "hotfix uninstaller". You should not use that option.

    Read Me


    (I thought that it was fixed, but it isn't.)


    Am following that post as well. I am more than dissapointed that MrG has not responded other than to say he'll fix it in the next issue. There are still no warnings on the download site either. This is not good MrG

  3. I hate to burst your bubble, but the hotfixes should show up in add/remove programs.


    I just ran CCleaner (I ticked hotfix uninstaller), and my hotfixes are still listed in add/remove programs. You should uninstall/reinstall, download either the slim or basic version. Something is funky.



    All reference to mine have gone as well. Tried to update from MS site but it says my PC is up to date. So guess it has only removed their references not the programs

  4. Having looked at the issue I agree that the $hf_mig$ folder should not be removed with the hotfix uninstallers, so I've adjusted the code for the next release. :)


    Great work!



    Thanks for acknowledging this error MrG, but how about an instant update to the program rather than let many users continue with the faulty program. It would also help considerably, to those of us that have lost this folder, if you were able/ or prepared to come up with a solution to restoring the lost information

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