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  1. What a pointless statement by Spybot. Surely, it is not uncommon for some programs to conflict. In fact you will often see warnings that haveing 2 or more resident shields may cause a problem. For Spybot to suggest adding NIS to its database for just spite is totally ridiculous.


    PS. It would I think be better if the moderators of this forum opted out of the product bashing threads

  2. As far I'm aware, when you reboot (ie shut down and restart) your PC ALL processes, not excluding explorer.exe are most definitely terminated and subsequently restarted...



    I'll take your word for that Tony, but can assure you, that stopping and restarting explorer via task manager. is the only way to complete Ccleaners action. Its a queery thats come up several times.

  3. If it was added, I can see unexperienced users checking it and then coming here complaining about losing their restore points.


    Let's reflect on the "Hotfix Removal" cleaner idea. :rolleyes:




    100% agree with you Tarun

  4. It also protects the bios settings. Flat cmos batt' can happen on old machines that have not been powered up for a long period. Leave the power on for a few hours and then reboot. You may get lucky. You may also have to reconfig bios settings (hard disk type etc) if battery ok. Maybe M'board

  5. I was exploring the 'Tools' option of CCleaner and came across the item 'WebFldrs XP' on the list.

    I'm tempted to uninstall it... but.. I cannot find it anywhere on my system (yes, I have 'show hidden files' enabled.)


    I cannot find it on the standard 'Add/Remove programs' section of Windows XP either.


    Anyone know what this is - and is it safe to remove?





    Part of the windows system and located in the system32 directory

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