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  1. I see from your HJK log that you have Newnet a know cause of this problem



    New.net is malware that installs itself on Windows machines as a Firefox extension when certain other applications are installed onto the system. New.net is meant to allow the user to access new.net-specific addresses, but it also interferes with the clipboard. It can't be uninstalled from within Firefox.


    New.net provides a removal tool. It can also be removed with anti-spyware programs such as Spybot or Microsoft Anti-Spyware.


    Applications that bundle New.net


    RealNetworks (RealOne Player)



    Cydoor (LingoWare)






    Mindset Interactive (NetPalNow)"


    RadLight / Subtitle Studio

    UK Software


  2. thanks MikeW for your reply,

    Had a look in the registry (scary place) found the Applnit-DLLs and there is no value listed on the right of it .

    not too sure what to do now :unsure: as registries are something i know basically nothing about.




    Maybe to post a HJT log for the experts to check to make sure you have not picked up a nasty

  3. If "Pest Patrol" is installed in my computer, it did so without my permission. I have no idea what Pest Patrol is and I do not own it and I never installed it. Furthermore, there is no such program listed with Windows.


    The name is certainly appropriate. What a pest.



    If you read the last post in the link I gave you you will see its just a registry key left behind from one of browsers.

  4. You dont say which operating system you are using on your PC.


    Windows XP does not require special drivers for USB externals older systems do. That may explain why it works on some PC's and not others. What external drive is it and have you contacted the maker or your supplier for a new driver.

  5. why do you people even need to get rid of ctfmon?



    Well, because I dont need it, and it cause a problem when shutting windows down.


    I notice a lot of people are picking up on this after the IE7 install most forums seem to be trying differnt methods to get rid of it.

  6. I think I have solved the problem on my PC. On checking my regional lanquage settings under other input laguage welsh was present. Adding UK english and removing welsh and a reboot solved the problem. CTFmon has now gone. for good I hope :P

  7. Well were up to about 70 Security updates now on XP. I dont know about anybody else but this is getting to be to much to deal with even with DSL. I know you can set update to auto but who want all the extra junk I think it about time for a new Service Pak. or at least a rollup either one. Its up to about 2 Hrs. or longer now just to do manual updates and Vista no ever going to conside that bloated piece of OS anytime in the near future. I have tried to do some slipstreaming with some of the programs available on the net but none see to really work right ever :angry:



    You must have something seriously wrong with your DSL if it took 2 hours. The last update took no more than a few mins. I recently did a windows repair which require all updates since SP2 and that took less than an hour.

  8. Mike , I have just read the article and I didn't really get the same overall impression as you.

    Spybot is offering people the chance to change the way people belonging to the same oranization ( fighting spyware) work together. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask a fellow member to work towards the same goal by swopping info.

    However that is just how I read it.


    I didn't really take offense either at the light-hearted banter in this thread about Norton. There was no real malice intended.

    (Just pray Eldmannen doesn't read this) :lol:




    Thanks for your response, this is copied from Spybots article and is what I was objecting to.


    Should we add detection for Norton Internet Security 2006 and 2007 as Malware or Possibly UnPopular Software (PUPS)?


    Yes, detect NIS completely!

    Yes, but detect only some harmless files to wake up people.

    No, please waste our donations to go through legal channels, instead of using them to fight malware.

    None of the above.

    Please note that under ASCs definition, technology that is implemented in ways that impairs user control over material changes that affecs their system security, in other words software that reduces system security like NIS does, falls under the term Spyware (and Other Potentially Unwanted Technologies), so adding NIS to the detection would not be revenge, but a strict following of the ASC definitions.

  9. Symantec wouldn't get so much s**t and bashing their way if only they'd for once in their commercial life make an uninstaller that actually removed their applications. My memories of when I used Norton AV 2000, 2001, and 2002 where I had to make my own uninstaller for them is very fresh in my mind.


    However I think if Spybot-S&D starts detecting Symantec products as malware it's completely the wrong way to go! They'd be better off just conversing together to solve the issue non-publically because we don't need two anti-malware companies starting a digital war on consumers hard disks, and the important thing to remember is people have willingly bought Symantec products therefore if a freeware util like Spybot-S&D were to place it in its defs that could damage Spybot-S&D's image and trustability of dealing with actual malware, and the backlash in this day and age could be rather expensive court-wise and money-wise by not only Symantec, but also pissed off Symantec consumers who've spent a good chunk of money on a software title.



    My feelings exactly.


    PS I have used NIS for several years and have stayed virus free. On the ocassions that I have removed old versions to install new I have not experienced any difficulty, providing any realtime protection is shut down first.

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