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  1. Right-click Taskbar, select "Properties".

    Now there is a checkbox that says "Hide inactive icons" along with a "Customize..." button.


    How do I clean that list?

    It would be good if CCleaner could clean that list.

    Where are all those things saved?



    It does already go to Advanced / tray notification cache you will have to restart explorer via task manager after cleaning

  2. This is a good suggestion but I don't think this should be done in the whole forum. We do only allow certain members to answer in the hijack this log section(since mistakes here could be critical) but anyone can post in the other sections. Like hazlenut mentioned maybe someone has had a problem with a program before and can help someone else fix it. I can pretty much promise that if bad advice is given another member woule shortly see it and say it was bad. So if your worried about some advice either ask another member as well(in PM or on the forum) or wait for someone else to post as well.


    I will write up a rules sticky for the hjt section soon and it will list all of the members here who are allowed to post in the hjt section. As far as an icon or button for these people I think its ok but we would have to make something. Maybe something like this:



    (that was a quick 2 min job. If someone can do better and wants to make one that would be great.)


    This is definitely something to consider.



    Many thanks, all sounds like an excellent solution

  3. Thanks for the response, I am more convinced than ever, that some form of easily recognised symbol is desirable for this Board, to help newcomers. Perhaps the forum moderator/administrator will give this some thought.

  4. Many of the members try to advise when forum users seek help with problems, and I am sure it is appreciated. However, it does get confusing when answers between experts and would be helpers differ considerably.


    It may well help occasional users and newbies to the forum if the experts were given a special Avatar to signify that their suggestions can be trusted. Rather than some of the well meant, but doubtful solutions.


    Just a thought

  5. Okay, so I'm at work. IE was annoying me with the popups so I installed FF with Adblock Plus. I have been online for 5 minutes and I have already had 10 popups from IE.


    How am I getting IE popups, when FF is the only open browser?




    Perhaps they are pop-ups from windows messenger or other instant messenger services

  6. Well I finally did it and it worked pretty much fine. Even stopped halfway to ask me if I really wanted to reinstall my 'unsigned' Omega drivers :D. It did corrupt my modem drivers, so couldn't connect to net to activate Windows, causing a phone call to Microsoft India, but the bloke was very efficient so no real problem. Have even copied the folder to disc for future use if necessary. Had to reinstall a load of Windows updates as expected and I now have a nice full $hf_mig$ folder (and no longer have that bloody stupid active-x update) B)


    In case anyone was wondering I did some digging and it seems the Toshiba recovery disc that I couldn't access Windows from only contains a Norton Ghost image of the hard drive as was when factory installed. This is apparently standard practice with Tosh recovery cds. I downloaded the free trial version of Ghost to have a look for myself and its right, all the files installed after reformat are there exactly the same on the disc.


    Thanks for all the help and advice again krit (and MikeW for the original post) ;)



    Very glad all worked out for you in the end.



  7. Why is nothing ever straight forward :(


    Only got a recovery CD with this PC and can't seem to access Windows install from this. Found an old XPsp1 cd but can't use it cos this PC is sp2, and as I used the hotfix cleaner I can't uninstall sp2 to use the CD. AAAARGH!!!!



    I also used a recovery disk that came with my Fujitsu PC worked fine. Perhaps not all recovery disks are the same. Other possibility is to use one of the MS issued SP2 disks should work the same. Follow the instructions in the link in my first post. Hope you solve your problem.

  8. I see - for the makers of Ccleaner - an easy solution for the whole "problem", and perhaps an end to this whole discussion. Make two versions of Ccleaner

    1. Ccleaner Pro - a licensed version that can be downloaded first by paying users, and does not contain any additional "goodies" such as a toolbar.
    2. Ccleaner - the free version that comes bundled with whatever optional tools.


    Excellent idea!


    what about it MrG

  9. i don't think there's any actual hotfixes missing on my computer.



    Your hotfixes are still there. What has been removed in error was the cache in the folder which may be required for future updates

  10. why do repair install to get that $hf_mig$ folder back?. for me it came back when i installed another patch from windows update service.



    Because all the previous hotfixes are lost. This is why it is important to recover or replace the entire folder contents. Not just the one hotfix you just installed

  11. Over the past few weeks, like many other users of ccleaner I have suffered several problems.


    1. I lost all access to my DVD/CD drive(No amount of reloading drivers helped. XP could see the drive but not the media in the drive)


    2. Like many others I suffered the loss of the folder $hf_mig$ due to the hotfix issue, and could not find an easy fix anywhere.


    3. I also had the problem with Hotfix KB912945 ( not of course ccleaners fault)


    I did not have a usable restore point or a full back up. The solution that worked for me was to use the Windows Repair function on the original XP disk. Going this route meant no loss of programs or data, and all the windows settings remained in tact. The process took about 45mins to complete and return the PC back to a clean windows install. The only other task was to visit Winows update to get all the updates since the date of the XP master disk used.


    For the experts on the forum I guess this all basic, but for so many of us that arn't experts or techs this is a simple fix that is often overlooked. Hope this is of help to others. - Mike


    How to perform a Windows Repair - http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/XPrepairinstall.htm

  12. I've noticed a few posts regarding bugs in the current version,

    so to keep everyone happy I'm going to release a new version next week.

    With this and a few other things fixed. :)


    It will be a sort of interim build, so won't have as many changes as usual.


    I'll post the change log once it's ready.






    Welcome news MrG! but its taken far to long to correct some serious problems

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