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  1. Does last download location mean, if you download something and then run cleaner it removes the file you downloaded?


    Just curious.




    No Just the history trail. In other words no one else who uses the PC will be able to see where your last download was from

  2. Apparently WinXP 64 bit edition supports up to 128 GB of memory! Makes my 4 GBs seem kinda piddly, now doesn't it? But that is kind of strange, because I've heard that the 64 bit version of Vista only supports 16 GB... apparently one of my sources is wrong, or MS is just really stupid.





    Here is a microsoft link that confirms 128 gb



  3. I disabled it as you say as soon as I installed it, it was the first thing I did as I used to have the ewidoctrl service disabled in the old version. I have checked and just checked again and it IS disabled but the greyed out icon still stays in the tray after closing Ewido.


    Like I said, I also have the guard disabled within the Ewido program and can't find any other settings that would have any effect on this :mellow:



    Guess you must have another problem then. What you describe does happen if the service is set to manual instead of disable. Which is why I suggested you check the setting. Good luck in sorting it out.

  4. You all seem to be misunderstanding what I'm saying. Just to emphasise, from my first post: I've got the guard turned off (in Ewido itself) and have disabled the Ewido Guard service (in services.msc).


    The tray icon is not there at startup. The irritation is that when I open Ewido the tray icon appears and stays in the tray after closing Ewido


    (I only updated to version 4 as the old one was giving an update nag screen :rolleyes: )



    Please check that you have the item ewido anti-spyware 4.0 guard disabled in services.msc With this setting the greyed out tray icon will appear when you run edwido but close when you close the scanner.


    I have been using this setting since the release of 4 so, I do understand what you are saying ;)

  5. Now that there is a suggestions sub forum, how about some removal of the old posts and general of topic replies. So that there is a list of meaningful subjects. Icing on the cake would be a place marker by MRG so members new their thoughts had been seen, even if they are not actioned.

  6. I think the main part is knowing the sites your visiting and only downloading files from sites you know and trust, If you have a fully patched system and working AV and Firewall, using IE isnt going to get you infections, I know that because I use IE and have never had a malware infection (no adware,spyware,virus, trojan etc..)


    Firefox it great and is more secure than IE6 but personally I think the browser isnt the main issue why people get infections, Its mainly because they visit or download files from suspect sites or click malicious links in Messenger programs, pop ups or emails

    I dont agree with some of those comments, The lack of updates is now becoming an issue which is why IE7 is being worked on and is taking the security aspect seriously, I dont agree it looks like crap as I am happy using IE and have used Firefox a couple of times in the past, Its not very easy to hack if the user has service packs and all the security updates installed and It has enough features to make me want to use it as my main browser,


    I do agree that Firefox is a great browser but I believe its a personal choice for the user of the PC, IE isnt going to cause anyone problems if they are aware of what they download and run and stay away from crack, serial, warez, pr0n sites etc...







    Well put Andy.

    My experience of IE is the same as yours

  7. Interesting read, but the auther seems to concentrate his attention on WGA. I dont have a problem with MS wanting proof that my copy is legal, and have left it installed. However, I do object to WGA-Notify collecting and sending hardware information back to MS. So I have removed it and switched auto-updates to notify only. I wonder if they really would make wga notify mandatory and deactivate systems without it?

  8. I posted on this forum in March but only got some facetious answer I hope you will take this post really seriously, because it is...


    I was copying my files to a CD but the total size was larger than the disk could take so I deleted the "temporary files waitng to be copied" ... Then I used CCleaner in secure delete mode and emptied the recycle bin... (It took a long time for overwriting 900Mb of data, but supposed they were temporary file copies in the recycle bin).... The next thing I find is that ALL MY FILES in the "My Documents" folder have been filled with zeros etc... It could be missed for a while since the file sizes do not change, they are just full of rubbish.


    I have CCleaner version 130.310 and Windows XP SP2 fully up-to-date on a Sony VGN-S5M/S laptop...


    I now don't trust CCleaner if it is likely to destroy normal file data. Has anybody else experienced this problem?



    Sounds as if you may have a corrupeted system font

  9. The problem with FileKey4 (FileKey4=%ProgramFiles%\ewido anti-spyware 4.0\reports|*.txt) is that in Ewido 4.0 it only creates a report if malware is found (that's the default setting anyways). Therefore if someone is letting it automatically scan via the scheduler they would only know from the main screen that something was removed, but since the scan log would be deleted they wouldn't know what/where the infection was that Ewido got rid of.



    Very good point.

    I have set up ver 4 to create log only if malware is found. So wouldn't want it removed

    There has been a lot of discussion over at lavasoft forums about deleting spyware/malware logs

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