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  1. So several years ago I upgraded my integrated graphics with a PCI (mother board does not accept PCIe) card on this XP Pent4 desktop. So I've upgraded from a 19" LCD to a 20" wide screen. The card I have now does not have a DVI port. I don't game but am wondering if I should still buy a PCI card with a DVI port or I won't notice that much difference from the VGA hookup I have now? One issue I do have is that I use the "whole" screen, e.g. my resolution is greater than the default 1600x900 and on some sites there is a scrolling lag. Could a DVI connection help with that? There are several in the $40 range. Thank You!


    Its important that you run your new monitor at the correct resolution of 1600x900. I would first check if there is a driver update for this resolution. If not it will need a new card that supports this resolution. Other than some improvement in colour rendition I dont think you will see any significant gains in DVI. However, if you decide to buy a new card I would go for it.

  2. I think you should lay the blame firmly at the Foxit Softwear door.


    The toolbar is even called the "Ask Toolbar" at various download locations:




    I'm guessing that during the install of the toolbar, there's no indication as to the default search engine built into it, which would probably have helped.


    Why blame Foxit (which is an excellent product)

    The op didn't have to download the toolbar. So many free programs are adding toolbar options to help towards the cost, that its essential that users look to be sure what they are about to download

  3. I don't use Foxit too,anymore.This and This useful article forced :lol: me to uninstalled Foxit. ;)


    The old english saying 'mountains out of mole hills' springs to mind. Or very bias reporting even from the screen shots its clear you do not have to install the toolbar. Also, once Foxit is installed it can be updated from within the GUI without any further reference to tool bars.

  4. I have done small scale checking, yes. More than once. It will take out a lot of left over crap files from old IE versions. But not the roll-back files. Of cause. Removing the uninstall options is silly. :P Malware can make a reinstall of IE necessary. You need IE for reinstalling IE.


    Having said that I have IE8 installed directly over IE5 because I reformatted recently. To uninstall previous versions properly and then reinstall IE8 is a way of achieving the same. Just deleting IE program files is a bad idea. Frankly.


    I like that online scanner very much. :D I have others that I like equally well but it's not allowed to recommend anti-malware programs inhere. But since the free OneCare online is an official Microsoft offer it's acceptable, mods have said. :)


    You are getting as bad as the spammers epost ;)

  5. Hey all,


    It's been awhile since I've posted here... I've been on the the Malwarebytes' forum helping over there for the last couple of months. Anyway, something has come to my attention from a couple of the members there. The winapp2.ini file can only be downloaded by registered members of the forum. Is this by design? Is there any way you can provide an off-site link for the file or an on-site link for the file that it is accessible to people who aren't registered? Thanks for your time and I hope all is well!




    Well, you sure have made a lot of posts over there. <_<


    Like Hazel I don't see a problem with having to register. They will also have the advantage of all the information available here.

  6. How about a 'system restore' while you have it slaved. I cant remember the command, but I believe it was posted here at one time. Just make sure all your commands are pointing to the correct drive.


    I am not sure if you can do a repair using I386. You could try an ISO of SP3 if you can borrow a USB Rom. Other than that I am out of ideas


    Here is link for low cost drive. But check to make sure the laptom will boot from a USB



  7. So thanks for the input chaps. I'll do the slave thing to get this lads photographs off, and then try reinstalling it while it's connected to my PC. I'm planning to restore my Image backup onto it, which will save a lot of updating.


    Hope you have a plan 2 Dennis as your image wont work on another laptop, as fireyone has said. If you haveaccess to a USB rom drive you could use that to perform a windows repair.

  8. If the laptop is a older model it may not be able to read the modern high speed CD disks. Check a disk that he has used in the past for the read speed. I would go for a 'Windows Repair' if not remove the hard disk and slave it to your PC to recover the files.

  9. Looks like a registry key area to export and backup first I'd think before messing with it. Hmm, didn't know MBAM's paid version had built in IP protection I may have to upgrade to a paid version.


    May be worth waiting awhiles as it is causing a lot of frustrations. They are blocking IP ranges rather than individual sights, so many good sights are getting blocked. As yet there is no ability to whitelist either.

  10. Here's what it says:


    "How do I disable this?


    I wouldn't recommend disabling it, but if you must, you can do this by right clicking the MBAM tray icon, and unchecking "IP Protection"."


    I have done exactly this, but with every reboot, the IP protection is reactivated.



    Go to the bottom of the page and check the post from advancedsetup you have to do a reg edit

  11. No its not better its crap. There is a default search button on all Windows systems from Win95 on. I think it works on Vista as well on your desktop press the F3 button and the search dialogue should appear just the same as in Explorer.


    Now my limited experience of Vista is the Explorer layout is also crap. With all Windows system up to Vista Explorer shows Folders in the left-hand window and Files in the right-hand window. On Vista if you click on a folder name the whole window show the files and you have to click the back button to see the folders again.


    Now I believe the the default memory for Vista is about 2GB thats probably because it runs more crap thats not really needed than WinXP.


    Now another thing that has annoyed me with Windows since WinME is the Explorer short-cut. To me the Explorer short-cut should show a list of all folders on the drive. With WinME and on it always goes to My Documents. If I want to see My Documents I click on Documents\My Documents.


    Now I live in Explorer in fact when Windows starts up I goto Explorer because I have a short-cut in Startup. Now for all you users that like Explorer and waht to see it properly? Create a short-cut for Explorer and put it in your QuickLauch. Right-click on this short-cut and goto Properties and copy and paste this text into it.


    C:\Windows\explorer.exe /n,/e,C:\


    Now if your Windows folder is WinNT then use


    C:\WINNT\explorer.exe /n,/e,C:\


    I know the default one uses %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe you can use that ands add the /n,/e,C:\ switches at the end I'm not bothered. When you click on the quicklauch you will see the proper Explorer starting at the root drive.


    If you system is built on another drive then just change the drive letter to waht ever drive its on. C:\ E:\ F:\ G: or what ever. You will see how much better it looks.


    Now there is another annoying thing about WinXP Explorer. When you click on a folder name it expands all sub folders at the same time. I know that you can keep the - key pressed as you click so it doesn't expand the folders but that also crap. If I what to see the sub folder I click the (+) symbol what could be easier. ;)



    Seems to be a lot of crap in this post - in more ways than one :lol:

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