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  1. Well, I simply stuck to the maximum amount recommended for my setup with XP Home.


    I'm more than happy with the improvement I've achieved with 2 X 1GB matching modules. I've no interest in going for anything more.


    Mike, if you've just bought your memory from Crucial, I'm sure they would accommodate you if you wanted to return some as incompatible, or change the configuration.


    You get nothing in this life if you don't ask. Might be worth a shot.


    Thanks Dennis, Yes Crucial offered to take back or change, but I am happy with the PC now and have already sold on the spare Module. I also would reccomend Crucial

  2. If you have the time, try loading the pc with just one stick then trying another each boot to ensure they aren't faulty.


    Thanks, but have already tried that.


    I believe from a lot of reading in various tech forums that this is related to the amount of memory in the graphics card mine is 1/2 gb. However, the PC is now happily performing on 3gb although this has resulted in it operating in single channel rather than dual channel

  3. He should still be able to inset 4GB into the system without it crashing it just shouldn't recognize the full 4GB.


    MikeW it maybe worth looking at a firmware update for your motherboard,

    just remember with any firmware update you risk rendering the item useless

    which may or may no be covered by the manufacturer warrentee.


    Thanks for the idea, but the mobo does recognise the 4MB the pc will boot normally with the 4 1mb modules but them XP Home will not load. If I then remove any one of the modules XP Home then boots up fine

  4. I have a 64bit System. I'm using a 32bit OS now with 4GB RAM. It only recognizes 3.25 GB. If I used a 64bit OS it will recognize 4GB right?


    Yes thats correct. I use XP Home but it would not operate with 4GB had to reduce to 3gb but, this has improved performance over the original 2GB.

  5. hey, can someone plz help me, when i put on my computer i hear at least eight beeps, the monitor does not come on but the computer is, i've been told its either a ram or graphics card problem, but how can i tell which is it?? or is that the real problem..... i need a response asap cas i have important stuff on it.....


    your help wud be greatly appreciated


    Here is a list of the beep codes



  6. The release notes says it addresses 2 bugs in the "classes_security" category, however, I don't see anywhere where they say this is a critical update. I wonder if it really is? Has anyone installed it yet? Did it remove update 12 automatically if you had that installed?




    Yes it did say it was removing old files, and ver 12 appeared to have gone. However. after running Javara it found lots of left over files.

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