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  1. Hi guys :)


    I think I may have mentioned this in other posts, but did not get a reply about my question.


    The first time I start my PC the case fan runs at high speed for about one to two minutes and then settles down to normal.

    This only ever happens if the room temperature is below 20c (Celsius) if it's above, like in summer it could be 30c in here and there is no high speed fan operation at startup.


    Is the fan some how generating heat that is needed for the processor? during cold starts by running at full speed?

    Is this normal behavior?

    Dose anyone els have a computer that dose this?


    My system is the same it is an option controled via the bios. It does this as a test to ensure that the fan will run at high capacity if needed. Just seems yours is running longer than usual.

  2. Well I'm still curious about my original question. Did any body else have to reinstall the Genuine Advantage Validation Tool after the last update?



    No, before I could download the updates

  3. Thats where I am directed to. I have also noticed after a HJT scan that the MS 016 entries have gone








    I don't know its really taking me to your link or if I'm getting redirected. When you go there does it look like this:




    The difference between MS update and windows update is that MS update will update office and stuff too. It used to be a choice which to use by my computers seem to have auto upgraded to MS update after I downloaded the new WGA from the active x prompt on tuesday.

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