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  1. You couldn't? So you think you can take a person who has never used a computer and sit him in front of one and the person will know what to do? That's a joke. I know people who have been using computers for years and still don't know what they are doing. I don't know if you use Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux. or are like pwillener and just use XP. I use them all and they are all different and all require learning them. You never stop learning them no matter how much you know.


    One of the major reasons people stick with XP is because they already know it and learning a new system takes time and effort. Many businesses still use XP because of the time and money it will take to upgrade and retrain their people on Windows 7. That wouldn't be an issue if their was no learning curve.


    I can't believe some of the non sense I'm reading in this thread. Getting called a troll (from an XP user with no experience on other OS's) for thinking Mac OS X is the best OS . Getting told that Windows has no learning curve. Unbelievable.


    We may not share your opinions, But we most certainly are entitled to ours. Lets leave it at that

  2. Windows usage does not require any learning; it doesn't matter if you use Windows 3.1, 9x, XP, or 7 - the functionality is basically the same.


    Many XP users (including myself) refuse to leave it because it does everything they need. When this computer breaks I will get a new one with Windows 7 or 8, but currently I have absolutely no need for it. And most available software out there still works on XP-SP3.



    Couldn't have put it better myself

  3. For the past several weeks my XP SP3 desktop has started to forget my power settings. I've successfully completed the fix that the included link suggests but after several browser sessions it will again "forget" to power down the monitor. I can not find a correlation but I can't help but feel that there must be some software conflict ongoing. Help would be appreciated!




    Same for me. I have found this only happens to me after watching a Utube video, the monitor will not powerdown until after a reboot. I have not been able to find what causes this

  4. It is clear from the link that this was an OEM problem, nothing to do with MS.


    "Shortly after release, a large number of users with AMD processors reported that their PCs would not boot after installing Service Pack 3. The cause was established to be a result of OEMs who preinstalled (using Sysprep) a copy of Windows XP which had been created on a machine with an Intel processor. This resulted in the Intel SpeedStep driver (intelppm.sys) attempting to load on the AMD-based PC. Microsoft never supported this configuration.[70]"

  5. The law in the UK changed a few years ago to address the legal concerns of ripping audio CDs for mp3 players.

    As far as I'm aware copy music CD for private use is legal providing you don't share or re-sell to 3rd parties.

    Whether this law applies to DVDs I'm not sure but I guess you could apply the rule for private use as well.


    Richard S.


    Well, if you had read the previous post you would know this is not the case. Although many still think so.

  6. You know, this is just rubbish. Not your post Mike, the content of that directive you link to.




    They've done nothing to stop it in the 7 years since that directive, and more importantly, the governing bodies have never made a mention about banning the sale of portable players, which would make more sense, but would pretty much hit big business instead of lowly Joe Public, and we can't have that.


    This stuff really p's me off.


    Try and name anything sensible the EU has issued a directive on :lol:


    I saw an article recently that reports even the music industry is asking for a change in the law to simplify the issue! But I'm not going to hold my breath :P

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