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  1. Some Firewalls are simple "Fit and Forget" for users who do not what to get involved.

    Some aim for for more skilled users.

    I was surprised to see Netgate offering

    FortKnox Personal Firewall for Hackers ....

    But perhaps that is just me ! ! !


    Try reading it again, as it says


    FortKnox Personal Firewall for Hackers and Spyware Protection

  2. I wonder if it has anything to do with blocking pop-ups? Could be something else to try and disable because I know some sites have to be whitelisted for pop-ups in order for some of their features to even function properly.



    Thats the answer for me.


    With pop up blocker on - video will not play with it off videos play fine

  3. We all have to endure these type of calls. TPS is a voluntary code of practise and only large ethical companies will follow its guide lines. Most of the calls I get now are from overseas and I have not found a cure other to just put down the receiver.

  4. I had been curious about the same.

    Lack of SSD my guess is cost, although prices seem to be dropping.


    As I understand it defragging is done automatically in the background by most if not all PVR. Sky boxes have a menu option called optimise

  5. You are already wrong on that one. Windows 7 is doing very well and is blowing away Vista at this point in Vista's release.



    As for the rest of the comments on not upgrading from XP. I am reading a lot of excuses for staying with XP and I don't buy any of them. Having said that it's your choice so do what you want. One thing I know for sure is that sooner or later you are going to update from XP weather you like it or not or you will simply be left behind. Your computers will die or something else will happen but you will need to upgrade at some point. In the mean time you fall further behind in knowledge and I don't see how that benefits you in any way. Most of you have an interest in computers or you wouldn't be on this forum. You will be of less and less help as time goes on. You already can't be helpful with Vista or W7 questions and by the sounds of it you will stay with XP even after W8 comes out so you won't be any help with that either. You can't be into computers and not keep up it doesn't make sense.


    Once again you just keep beating the same point of view to death.

    The vast majority of pc users just want their favourite program to work, and really dont care what the operating system is called or how it works.


    Like Dennis I will continue to use XP. If I should choose to buy a new machine in the near future then I would have XP installed. My local dealer tells me he is still selling more XP maxhines than anything else.

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