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  1. Palemoon appear to be more honest than Mozilla. Palemoon release notes commence :- http://www.palemoon....enotes-ng.shtml I searched the Firefox and Thunderbird links and they do not mention any GECKO. Discretion is the better part of valour. I normally prefer to wait a week before updating anything in case the new code patches introduce new problems. Changing the entire code base is unlikely to be problem free. I will probably wait 2 weeks.
  2. My primary purpose was to validate a download of any "important" file. It is rare, but I have experienced a successful download which failed hash checksum validation, even though the download passed the Internet Protocol tests that determined whether a packet needed to be re-tried. The hash checksum is as provided by the developers - if they are bothered or pressured by users. From the trusted supplier site the checksum can be copy/pasted into notepad and the download can be obtained. Sometimes the checksum Hexadecimal values are stated in Upper case, sometimes in Lower case. HashM
  3. I like "HashMyFiles" from Nirsoft. It is portable, I can drag/drop multiple files into it and it shows simultaneously the MD5, SHA1, CRC32 checksums, plus sundry details such as file name and path, size, timestamps etc. Each file has a row, with details in columns allowing instant recognition of whether files have perfectly matching checksums.
  4. What is %CURRENT_USER% ? I am not aware of it and CMD.EXE fails to recognize it as a variable, and it does not seem to be used in WinApp2.ini. %APPDATA% is fully recognised and is used in WinApp2.ini. Is "%APPDATA%\" the same as "%CURRENT_USER%\Application Data\" ?
  5. Palemoon has different download flavors available 32 bit Portable 32 bit Installed 64 bit Portable 64 bit Installed I believe every 64 bit application has a massive 700% overhead of wasted resource when processing an 8 bit ASCII character held in a 64 bit data word, Only when a unit of data exceeds 32 bits do you benefit from the ability of the hardware and software to handle a 64 bit value in one chunk instead of two "nibbles" (My formative years were spent in an 8 bit byte era where 4 bits were a nibble) As of a few months ago, when I last spent time on the Palemoon forum I un
  6. Political Correctness Police are now monitoring Would you like to SHOUT IT OUT
  7. How about an optional Win-2k-app2.ini download ? This would contain all the existing entries which become deleted from the normal Winapp2.ini when superseded due to incorporation in more recent versions of CCleaner.EXE This could be a benefit to the users of Windows 2000 which apparently is no longer compatible with CCleaner v 3.21.1767. See http://forum.pirifor...showtopic=36384 Additionally, some-one with special interest in Windows 2000 might like to :- export the detection targets of each new version of CCleaner.EXE ; compare with the targets of version 3.20.???? ; and adapt
  8. You are unbelievably forgiving if you continue to love and pay for a product that failed to protect you from the RECYCLER Virus.
  9. We no longer have an approved expert and refer you to http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=34786
  10. Agreed. But many users of CCleaner do not use ERUNT - especially if they use jv16 powertools and an unaware of NTREGOPT.
  11. Are you sure that you found all it did ? I found the above, and much more, when I used NTREGOPT to compress my Registry on my Laptop running XP. These are the locations which I found to clean after using NTREGOPT :- \DOCUME~1\Dad \DOCUME~1\Dad\LOCALS~1\APPLIC~1\MICROS~1\Windows \DOCUME~1\LocalService \DOCUME~1\LOCALS~1\LOCALS~1\APPLIC~1\MICROS~1\Windows \DOCUME~1\NetworkService \DOCUME~1\NETWOR~1\LOCALS~1\APPLIC~1\MICROS~1\Windows \WINDOWS\system32\config I believe every original NTUSER.DAT is renamed NTUSER.DAT.tmp and then the compressed version is created as NTUSER.DAT re
  12. Trim_12.bat is indeed the last version I issued.
  13. I am using PaleMoon v 12 (it has abandoned the rat race towards infinity) It is however receiving security updates plus improvements designed for the benefit of Palemoon users. I have two paths in use for my profile C:\Users\Alan\AppData\Roaming\Moonchild Productions\PaleMoon\Profiles\4qbu47br.default and C:\Users\Alan\AppData\Local\Moonchild Productions\PaleMoon\Profiles\4qbu47br.default The non-admin general user account also has C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Moonchild Productions\PaleMoon\Profiles\s1t2a4mk.default and C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Moonchild Productions\PaleMoon\P
  14. Google is not yet aware of anyone with 9 fingers per hand, but they have a Bot looking at the forum now. Fame tomorrow
  15. Industrial spies have been known to take unwanted surplus paperwork from office Trash Cans and obtain valuable confidential information. Perhaps Google Drive likes to live and work in the computer Trash Can to aid its mission of presenting targeted advertising
  16. Java produces junk that has to be removed by JavaRa JavaRa produces junk that has to be removed by CCleaner Is CCleaner safe at one end of the food chain or will something come along to purge CCleaner http://en.wikipedia....ki/Ad_infinitum
  17. Are you saying that when you use CCLEANER /AUTO /SHUTDOWN this fails to shutdown whilst Google Drive is running ? OR Are you saying that after running CCleaner whilst Google Drive is running you can then close CCleaner, and perhaps half a day later you successfully close Google Drive, and then you try to shutdown Windows and this is the stage at which you see googledrivesync.exe - Application Error The instruction at 0x03d700ff referenced memory at 0x0000001c. This memory could not be written.
  18. You seem terribly impatient for an answer to a problem that is undefined. I see no problem. This is what sigcheck told me. I even tried the -r option in case it had been revoked - again no issue for me The Piriform certificate is signed by Verisign Perhaps your recent reinstall of XP has suffered from Microsoft revoking the certificate of Verisign itself I strongly recommend that you visit Sysinternals and find out which options you should use and the relevance of "invalid chain" I am using Windows Ultimate + SP1
  19. You give no links to substantiate your criticisms which I do vaguely remember some years ago. I most definitely remember coming to the conclusion that both the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority and Comodo were innocent of any wrong doing. It was not the fault of the I.A.N.A. that I.P. addresses were used to convey malware, and Comodo was only indirectly certifying the source of the software but not its nature or quality. I think that the malware distributors were certified by some other certification authority which in turn was certified by Comodo. I also remember that Comodo acted promp
  20. I think it is good to run Trim-12.bat before submitting proposed additions to Winapp2.ini to be warned of any "BAD DETECTION" etc I agree with your comment. I suggest that it would be better to use :- DetectFile=%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\The Weather Channel\Desktop
  21. What the really average person needs is not relevant because that person does not pay for Pro support.
  22. You got me there. I could have done better and been more accurate, and perhaps used MiB and GiB. I decided I had worn to geek hat too long - But the Geek in me is not dead yet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_prefix
  23. I am sorry I responded last night. Having had a good sleep my focus is now not on whether approximately 1750 GB of Free space has changed by 150 GB, but on whether 300 GB of USED space has changed by 150 GB. Assuming that USED space did not significantly fall, then missing files were not deleted and returned to FREE space, but are somewhere "in limbo". The only difference between what I say now and last night is that we should not consider whether FREE space has changed by 10%, but whether USED space has changed by 50%. SUPPLEMENTARY As noted last night, Windows Explorer may
  24. Trying to get some numbers here. 2 TB = 2048 GB 300 GB USED space leaves 1748 GB FREE space (less sundry overheads and the difference between advertised and effective size of HDD) If you start with 300 GB of DATA = 300 GB of USED Space, with APPROXIMATELY 1750 GB of Free Space and then you lose 150 GB of data and retain 150 GB Free Space must have increased by 150 GB to approximately 1900 GB of FREE space, and only then will the lost data be totally lost to Windows and now incorporated within FREE space and available for RECUVA to restore to another drive. In post #6 you said
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