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  1. @login123 I do not blame you for the scare - It was entirely Burnaway's fault. @Andavari Congratulations on posting a message with single line spacing. The IPB forum software inserts unwanted blank lines when I attempt to place one line immediately after another.
  2. When I received the Piriform notification of Willy's post I clicked and was brought into this sequence of topics. At that stage I think I was correctly taken to Willy.s topic BUT the preceding post from login appeared to take priority, and I saw the message that is present immediately above Willy's post, i.e. BURNAWAY Premium HAS BEEN downloaded, etc etc. I have not found any evidence that "Burnaware Premium has been downloaded", but it cost me time and effort to investigate because I had been explicitly told of a BurnAWay download which I had NOT initiated. Regar
  3. I have a MAJOR COMPLAINT AGAINST "BurnAWare" which DOWNLOADS AGAINST MY WILL. My only mistake was to click on Willy2's link for WizFile, and BEFORE I could read Willy's post my browser was SWAMPED with statements that BurnAware was already downloaded and ready to INSTALl. It does NOT tell me to WHERE it has buried this unwanted junk. My apologies to Willy2 for hijacking his post, BUT when I tried to complain on the BurnAware topic I just suffered more unsolicited "Downloads" Regards Alan
  4. Thanks Hazel and Login123. Just downloaded Wiztree 2.01 Over a year ago I broke my left femur just below the Hip. After a month in bed with no access to my desktop P.C. I have spent more time walking in the local park instead of using the computer, hence I have only visited the forum when I get notification of updates to topics that I was involved in. Two months ago my desktop MOBO/CPU died and a friend gave my his old discarded P.C. I took out his Windows 7 HDD and swapped in my Windows 7 SSD and it worked better than I feared. My old P.C. had an AMD C.P.U so some Microsoft
  5. Thanks Waiting till tomorrow and hoping for 2.02
  6. They chose to conceal their obstinate stupidity. Before the Windows 8 nightmare occurred, Palemoon supported both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of their browser. 32 bit machines had no choice - they could only use the 32 bit version. 64 bit machines could run either - BUT The code-base which was common to both Palemoon and Mozilla had incomplete 64 bit API support and EXTENSIONS which were common to both Palemoon and Mozilla needed 64 bit API's with 64 bit Browsers. As standard 64 bit Windows 7 included adequate 64 bit API's for some BUT NOT ALL extensions. Users that wanted extensi
  7. Try Pale Moon Spell Check always works for me in this forum OK The above looked like the following before I clicked each squiggled word and selected the relevant correction :- I jumped ship from Firefox after F.F. version 18 because it started to find different ways to go wrong each time I started up Windows.
  8. It would have been better to not only read but also understand post #15 from Dennis, and first use USB Image Tool: (Freeware). With luck that would have allowed easy recovery from the additional corruption that may have arisen from the "format failure to finish". Sorry but I have no easy remedies to suggest, but hopefully others will.
  9. Beta on Firefox corresponds to Omega on any other browser
  10. What happens in the Internet stays on the Internet
  11. Thats not just clean, Its squeaky clean
  12. Safe logs would indicate that removal would permit danger. Why not "Useless Logs".
  13. WARNING - DO NOT TRUST MD5. Collisions can be generated with MD5, so a hacker can replace one portion of code with his own version to do what the hacker wishes, and yet the MD5 checksums will be identical http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2768913/if-md5-is-broken-what-is-a-better-solution If AVAST is a proper security company then it ought to provide SHA-2 (or better) hash checksums ( which Nirsoft HashMyFiles also handles ) though SHA-1 is probable good enough for now unless a powerful government body (you know who I mean) wants to fake something. MD5 is perfectly good fo
  14. Firefox Version 29 has driven more people into the welcoming arms of Palemoon, which keeps up with all security fixes, but gives stability to user experience. http://www.palemoon.org/testimonials.shtml http://www.palemoon.org/releasenotes-ng.shtml @Derek Palemoon also runs under Linux http://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=3875 http://forum.palemoon.org/viewforum.php?f=37
  15. About 2 years ago a friend asked me to improve the start-up time of her laptop running Vista. There were numerous things running on start-up. MalwareBytes found an awful lot of PUP's which I removed, and that reduced the startups and delays. The most objectionable thing was "Trusteer Rapport" which had a service always running on start-up. It did not even wait for Internet availability before it was in action. I recognized that it was recommended by her bank, and I had no confidence in her protection by Microsoft Essentials or whatever it was called, so I left it installed. I hav
  16. The normal rules are that "C:\Program Files (x86)" is only used by 32 bit applications on a 64 bit system, and "C:\Program Files" is used by 32 bit Windows and 64 bit applications on 64 bit Windows. But rules is rules and they are there to be broken
  17. Mozilla have given up a hopelesss battle against superior competitors for an unwanted and failing metro experience. That is my interpretation of and https://blog.mozilla.org/futurereleases/2014/03/14/metro/
  18. A picture is worth more than a thousand words If you would post a screen shot of all the information that Windows Disk Management can show for this drive, we would understand the situation much better than having a series of posts and requests for clarification. Regards Alan
  19. I have an easy potential solution to the problem. Do not delete the files but replace them with short files that have the same names. It is possible that even zero length files might be acceptable replacements. I suggest testing this potential solution by replacing one of the unwanted files first, and if that does not break the installation try replacing all the unwanted files. If you identify an installation that benefits from the above, then a BAT script could be implemented that would automate removal whenever the application is updated and language files are re-installed.
  20. Changes are made to enhance cleaning. Sometimes the consequences may prove to be unfortunate. Regrettably the only ways to avoid an unfortunate result are :- To never update CCleaner.exe nor Winapp2.ini; or to closely examine the ANALYZE results and understand potential consequences before they occur; or to create backups to fall back on when it goes wrong.
  21. Thanks for providing the link which I had ready to paste - but then a sudden domestic chore distracted me I also had a problem making it portable. My first problem may have been that the file "Portable.ini" must be renamed "Locate.ini" BEFORE ever running the code. Perhaps running the code first will configure the registry to never become portable regardless of the subsequent presence of Locate.ini. They may have been other issues also but I cannot recall.
  22. I now use the 64 bit version of Locate32 instead of Everything. There are times when I want to reuse a clever bit of DOS code and cannot remember how I did it or the name of the *.BAT script in which I did it. Both "Everything" and "Locate32" can produce a list of 1504 files with the extension *.BAT in a few seconds. Life is too short to read 1504 files. If I remember a DOS command that was part of the magic, then I simply click the "Advanced" TAB and enter the name of that command as text to search for, Then in less than one second LOCATE32 will cut the list down to only 3 files with
  23. I think you are wrong - unless :- your Windows system subfolders are in a FAT32 partition which has no MFT; or they have been added/changed since Everything's database was last updated (believe update is automatic on startup plus on manual demand, but not continuous real-time); or perhaps the files you are looking for do not exist in System32 but are figments in the imagination due to the evil machinations of WinSXS. I agree with Login123, examples would be useful, and their time stamps could also be relevant.
  24. I forget the technical term but there are some Detection key values to detect which version of Windows is running and accordingly enable or disable Winapp2.ini entries Could a similar form of Detection key value be invented and used to detect whether Safe mode is in use and accordingly enable or disable Winapp2.ini entries
  25. This forum accepts no responsibility for supplements such as CCEnhancer.
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