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  1. Thank you for helping me. "and which refers to a Service Pack 1 for Windows 2000" Oh not familiar with Windows 2000 and not paying attention to the os was I! Just looked up that error. At no point did sfc /scannow advise me that it had not successfully repaired files, which is odd. Would it normally? Well I've not run Disk Cleanup and I'm glad you've warned me what will happen if I do! Perhaps I should run sfc /scannow again and see if any / many errors show this time? When I restarted my computer directly afterwards, half way through booting a 'please wait' appeared -
  2. I ran sfc /scannow yesterday. It completed without giving me any notifications other than a number of: "Files that are required for Windows to run properly must be copied to the DLL cache." I was prompted to click on 'retry'. It lasted for around 40 minutes then closed. I thought all had gone well until I looked in Event Viewer today. There are approximately 90 Windows File Protection entries there mostly with the following information: The system file ........ could not be copied into the DLL cache. The specific error code is 0x800b0100 [No signature was present in the subject]. This fil
  3. Thank you for that interesting information Andavan. I have just bid on and won a brand new genuine (seemingly) XP SP3 installation CD with COA + unused key! Couldn't resist, but should learn how to make a slipstream installation CD with the SP2 one I previously purchased (if possible, it is OEM). I did install SP3 through Microsoft Updates. Microsoft Updates once installed an outdated version of NET Framework (1.1) on my computer! The Help and Support Center also stopped working after I installed SP3, I actually tried to uninstall SP3 but couldn't. In the past I haven't disable
  4. Of course I would rather System Restore be available, but until there's a serious issue I'm inclined to let sleeping dogs lie.....like you say my computer is working now. I've heard that in Windows XP, running sfc /scannow solely repopulates the dllcache folder so that it has all of the Windows File Protection (WFP) monitored files - I have no idea if it would work, if System Restore has been modified in some way perhaps it would? Worth a try I guess, no harm can be done by running that. About a year and a half ago I did receive remote assistance from a 'Microsoft Answers' computer technicia
  5. No I agree installing SP3 shouldn't have done that, but the problem occurred directly afterwards. Perhaps it was coincidental. I have since read that a particular *anti-virus software can knock out System Restore, don't know whether that is still the case, I would think unlikely to be. Maybe sfc /scannow could correct that? Otherwise all I can think of is a reinstallation of Windows. *which I have used, but can't remember if it was at that time.
  6. That's why I really appreciate all the help and advice I have received here. Okay, thank you, noted everything you've said. I can't do a System Restore, lost it after I installed SP3 - no matter what date I select I get: 'Restoration incomplete. Your computer cannot be restored to....'....which is another reason why I am apprehensive when making certain changes.
  7. Thank you for showing me that. Both Minitools Partition Wizard and Macrium Reflect sound very good. External hard drive I would prefer. I probably could do more myself , but I'm too afraid to take any chances with this computer, it's the only one I have - I would be miserable without it! If something were to go wrong I am not currently in a position to either ask a computer technician to take over or buy a new one. I have around 200 average sized OpenOffice documents, a few Adobe Acrobat ones and a few MP3s to back up - would you kindly tell me if this is the item and size I ne
  8. Thank you Alan_B.......mmmm so creating a backup to the main internal drive wouldn't be without risk and would be too complicated for me. Clearly saving to an external drive is by far the best option, I was told it would be best earlier. For now at least, once carried out, I will have my documents backed up onto a memory stick.
  9. Thank you so much, will follow your instructions. Yes I have plenty of space.
  10. I always go to a computer technician when there are major problems. "I think you can use Macrium to save the image right there on your HDD if you don't want purchase an external HDD just yet." I'm not familiar with the term HDD, I'd need to find out. I'd also like to save my documents on a memory stick, not done that before.
  11. Oh really, how nice, I thought I might have been overstepping the mark. It's very good to know that DennisD, thank you. login123 I have a standard factory built Dell computer. I'm not going to reinstall Windows until there's a major problem, if I knew how to I would do so now, but it's not vital for me to, as my computer is running reasonably ok.
  12. Thank you very much for your detailed and helpful responses, oh I've been calling you the wrong username, sorry login123.....and I've only just seen your last post Andavan, had to come back to edit my response. So now I know what I need to do - since posting the original question I've acquired my current os Product Key and an installation CD, neither of which I had before, when I have backed up my system too I'll have peace of mind. What a great team you are here. To everyone who has helped me, I appreciate you taking the time to do so. I'll have to remind myself that this is a CCleane
  13. Thank you ISO-later and Andavan for your useful advice. "Moreover when you reinstall windows you might have to reinstall the drivers for your hardware." I would be way out of my depth, would love to learn with a computer technician beside me though. The recent BSODs made me realise that it was time to get my act together and prepare for a major incident. I don't have any of my important documents backed up. Regarding Macrium, which sounds great, where is the back up image of my system stored? I was without an anti-virus for a short time, but used McAfee Site Advisor before clicking on any
  14. Thank you very much ISO-later for that useful information, which I will keep, and for taking the time to help me. This is what I bought, it was one of two, it looks genuine - edge to edge finely detailed holographic disc, the disc / COA is in pristine condition. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OE-M-Microsoft-Windows-XP-Home-Edition-New-Genuine-Unused-includes-COA-key-RAM-/301171746941?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=m6AdQh6hCAsfIsSqRARd8kBymIg%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc I purchased this in case there is ever a serious issue / for when re
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