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  1. Close, but not quite. Using Defraggler - BUT NOT to defrag anything, I can Search and specify CMD.EXE in "filename contains:" and check "Include non-fragmented files" and it shows me only 2 instances, each of different sizes, one in System32, and one in SysWOW64 It sees none at all in WinSXS because, as you said, WinSXS are only links. Using Windows explorer these two large file are also shown at C:\Windows\winsxs\amd64_microsoft-windows-commandprompt_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7601.17514_none_e932cc2c30fc13b0 and C:\Windows\winsxs\wow64_microsoft-windows-commandprompt_31bf3856ad364e3
  2. Of course the early stages of this new relationship are as innocent as your first approach to your new girlfriend whilst in her father's presence What happens on your third date with Firefox when your only protection is in the details of the Mozilla Privacy Page
  3. Alphabetic What follows looks like a chaotic jumble caused by each member of a committee putting an entry into a hat, and then for fairness the chairman was blindfolded as he pulled each suggestion out of the hat. :- FileKey7=%LocalAppData%\Packages\AdobeSystemsIncorporated.AdobeReader_*\AC\Temp|*.* FileKey5=%LocalAppData%\Packages\AdobeSystemsIncorporated.AdobeReader_*\AC\PRICache|*.* FileKey9=%LocalAppData%\Packages\AdobeSystemsIncorporated.AdobeReader_*\TempState|*.*|RECURSE FileKey8=%LocalAppData%\Packages\AdobeSystemsIncorporated.AdobeReader_*\LocalState|*.*|RECURSE FileKey1=
  4. When my Gmail was not accessible I found that the Google Search engine was also broken, BUT my Startpage Search Engine still got al the results from Google because Startpage is/uses a proxy to protect my privacy from Google. I could access through a proxy because the proxy used a different Domain Name Server than I was using. Perhaps your problem is your DNS Just give me the IP addresses of your Primary and Secondary DNS, and I will add it to my test script of 29 DNS, each of which can resolve winapp2.com It will take less than 1 minute for me to run the test on your DNS and adv
  5. Are you wanting to adjust the privacy cleaning capability within Firefox ? Is a suitable tweak to instead use CCleaner with the Downloads box checked ?
  6. There is a forum topic on translations here :- http://forum.palemoon.org/viewforum.php?f=30&sid=e9b27e86f5f76ea907bffadd8ee1df69 I assume that Firefox translations are generally supported and Palemoon has adaptations to suit its GUI. i.e. a Palemoon has translations for its GUI features that differ from Firefox. WARNING I am not certain of the latest status, but the previous version had some problem if languages packs were included WITH the initial installation, and it was better to install with standard English and after installation to add the language pack. You will fin
  7. Mozilla keep on breaking Firefox by fixing things that are not broken - just because they want to change for the sake of changing. At around Firefox 8 I tried Palemoon Portable and am loving it. I am now using the installed version of Palemoon as my main browser, and the Portable version as a backup with a separate profile. I eradicated Mozilla Firefox from my system over a year ago - no regrets. Palemoon 20.01 is based on Firefox, but the developer has tamed the erratic variations and hazards of Firefox. Why not sample the delights of Palemoon Portable ? Or if you are more bold t
  8. There are many historical energy-report-'datestamp'.xml files which may deserve eradication. The energy-report-latest.xml may be worth preserving - if not then why not kill the report producer (I think it has an Automatic Start service)
  9. What is a computer ? A complete specification of make and model could be useful. (A link to a supplier/manufacturer product specification would be even nicer). Is it something like a Laptop/Netbook with a rechargeable battery that will suck power whenever it is plugged into the mains ? Is it new enough to consider replacing under warrantee?
  10. I am stuck. The only possibility I can suggest is to connect these two drives to a different computer that also has Recuva installed, and try again.
  11. Only one file cluster amongst millions will be over-written when you write to F:\ which holds your lost files, but you can refrain if you wish . No damage at all will be done by writing to drive D:\, and this is the most important test. If the test file on D:\ is not visible when the "device is not ready" then there is no way that Recuva is at fault - it is your hardware or operating system that is wrong. If the test file on D:\ is visible then Recuva should be able to restore files to D:\, unless of course too much time that has elapsed between Recuva scanning F:\ and your initiatin
  12. It is impossible for anything (including RECUVA) to save to drive D:\ whilst drive D:\ is not ready, and drive D:\ is almost certainly not ready if Windows Explorer cannot see its contents - unless of course it has no contents I am sorry but from post #3 I was expecting that there would be files present on both D:\ and F:\ Reviewing your screen shot in post #5 this is possibly not true. Please create a small file on both D:\ and F:\, e.g. use Notepad and create a single line with the word "Test" and save it as D:\Test.txt and F:\Test.txt Now use Recuva again and wait until it ha
  13. Did you have separate instances of Windows Explorer, and were they both showing the contents of the relevant drives at the instant you were tying to save and wer being told 'device not ready' ? How about setting up Recuva so it as ready to save to D:\, and at that instant using Windows Explorer to copy a visible (not deleted and not lost) file from F:\ to D:\ and then telling Recuva to Save. Please report if windows Explorer successfully copies and Recuva still fails to save with 'device not ready'
  14. I thought it would be obvious. You started with I advised The fact is that making use of a drive that has gone to sleep - will EVENTUALLY wake it up and start spinning and THEN it will be ready for use. Obviously when Recuva restores to a sleeping drive it aborts and you see the explanation 'device is not ready' BUT my procedure of simply looking at drive D:\ with Windows Explorer is sufficient to wake up the sleeping disk and after 5 or 10 seconds the progress bar completes and is replaced by the path, and at that time you can then proceed to restore to D:\ the lost files y
  15. I suggest that when you are ready to restore you first Launch Windows Explorer and view the contents of Drive D:\ You may observe that the Address Bar initially NOT show the path but a blue "progress bar" as the drive spins up and the 'device is not ready'. When the progress is completed the path is shown and the device should then be ready for you to start transferring. I do not know anything about password protected compressed files - but others here can advise.
  16. So that we may understand your situation, please supply a screen shot of Windows Disk Management showing your drives, and a statement of which drive holds lost files and which is to receive the recovered files.
  17. Before there was Windows there were DOS tools that could convert a BAT file into an EXE, (and also COM to EXE and EXE to COM) Last year the forum member "Tr3bg0D" contacted me when he was converting TRIM.BAT into TRIM.EXE. This gave him benefits but after a year I cannot remember what they were. Perhaps he published it. Perhaps Drazen11 has done his own conversion. Perhaps it is something related to the "Utility that cannot be named in this forum"
  18. Then be thankful that Trim.Bat still works. Trim.exe is something that compiled/packed Trim.bat and may need to be recreated by it's author (not me) to suit the new version of CCleaner.exe. I am surprised to see from the screen shot that you are trying to run it on a 16 bit subsystem.
  19. It is ironic that an application that removes the residues of other applications should need CCleaner to remove its own residues. https://en.wikipedia...ki/Ad_infinitum
  20. It would be exceptionally wasteful for the computer to be supplied with 8 GB of RAM in a 32 bit system. Even Windows 7 could not use the top half. You have a friend here that is willing to find a good home for your spare RAM :D Is it possible that you were supplied with 64 bit hardware and possibly 64 bit Windows 7, but for some reason your installed Windows XP is only 32 bit ?
  21. I agree that Win 7 is still updated as before, but it occurred to me that "feature creep" when Win 8 and IE 10 were developed, might have resulted in the expectation of the need for "Roaming folder of the users/app data", and perhaps IE 10 prepares the ground even if it takes no part in the installation of Flash.
  22. Many people do not have a problem. If half a dozen people posted system specifications then common factors might become obvious for the developers to investigate, e.g. :- Operating System; x86 / x64; System Drive / Secondary Drive / External drive; Make of HDD. Hint, Hint
  23. I believe IE 10 was created for Windows 8 which has adopted FLASH as something that Microsoft will administer. Perhaps IE 10 and FLASH became deeply integrated. When Windows 7 users accepted IE 10 they may have accepted a Trojan Horse that is primed for FLASH updates - not from Adobe but via Microsoft Updates.
  24. I have investigated WinSXS some more and report my findings at http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=38203 I knew WinSXS was bad but now I am appalled. Some experts claim the real things are in WinSXS and the Hard Links are in System32 and SysWOW64. I find that infact Microsoft changed the rules with every executable that it created.
  25. Perhaps Microsoft are trying for extra revenue from Adobe Reader referrals to compensate for disappointing sales of Windows 8 licences
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