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  1. "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" is another alternative to avoid ambiguity
  2. Because after a long career as hardware and software designer / programmer, my impressions may be worth posting against the enthusiastic endorsement of an unsupported utility by a non-programmer When I searched in several forums before posting I found nothing to explain how ForceTrim worked, and the only potential download was from MediaFire. :o I was troubled by reports that OCZ created the tool and had a topic but it had been abandoned. Today I actually logged into OCZ and can report that :- Download it from MediaFire if you wish, but bear in mind that OCZ have effecti
  3. I have the impression this is an obsolete utility, now withdrawn, that was for the support of obsolete OCZ SSD's, and as such I doubt the benefit, and fear potential damage, when run on more recent SSD's from alternative suppliers.
  4. I was using version 3.14 I was running Virtual Windows 7 64 bit on a Real Windows 7 64 bit platform. This was my first post on 1st Sept 2011, and I bumped it on 17th and still got no response. https://communities....m/thread/326929 This was a separate topic which got no response so I gave up and moved onto VirtulaBox https://communities....m/thread/328856 I have just looked at the very recent topics, and again it appears that no one gets any solutions. This has 14 posts, the first 12 all report that version 6 fails to initialise after an upgrade to version 6. and the last t
  5. More than two years ago VMware had a massive security hole and gave absolutely no support response to two separate issues which I raised. My primary issue was that when I drag-drop-copied something between two partitions on my SECONDARY HDD, one of which was for access by the virtual machine, something went wrong and the virtual machine crashed. Then Windows Explorer had a great big red bar showing that I had zero free space available In system partition C:\. on my PRIMARY HDD there was too much copied to the virtual machine I discovered that because VMware was NOT available as a p
  6. Only people that use Windows 8 or Apple iPhones get to believe it and feel it
  7. If Ztree can delete those System Volume Information files then it is too dangerous to be in your hands. You might hack vital bits and pieces out of your Restore Point System. It would be much safer to choose which recent Restore Points might be of value and to delete the older ones by using CCleaner / Tools / System Restore.
  8. Your mission is impossible. Defraggler will NOT reduce the size of a partition image backup file. Defraggler will defragment a real partition and this SHOULD permit you to shrink the partition, BUT There may be files near the far end of the system partition C:\ which Windows will not move, and then your alternatives include :- http://www.partition...ootable-cd.html and http://www.partition...ash-drive.html. Alternatively, Create two partitions on your 1 TB drive, 600 GB followed by 400 GB, then use something like Macrium Reflect to create in the 400 GB partition a System C:
  9. I fully concur with dvdbane. It is YOUR responsibility to provide entries in the same format that everyone else uses. Sorry but this results in maximum effort and minimum benefit, and wins my vote for the most stupid file comparator of the year. The latest official Winapp2.ini commences with Your file commences with It is obvious that you have the modified the first "Beta" released version with 1362 entries intended for v4.00 CCleaner.exe and you are asking that we compare it with the latest version with 1534 entries. There are probably over 200 entries that have been ad
  10. Please note that somehow a stray chunk of unwanted text appeared when I posted Header.BAT in the first post. This has now been corrected to be the same as my original code.
  11. Please note drastic revisions to the first post. The new code "Header.Bat creates at the start of the output list.a very long header line that concludes with ;....'....;....'....;....'....;....'.S..;....'...M :- S(ort)=247 M(ax)=259 This allows you to see the "Sort Boundary" that distinguishes between the upper section of results that reach or exceed 247 character length, and the lower section that are less than 247.
  12. Windows can create and use path lengths of up to 259 characters (excluding the terminating NULL character) Recuva aborts with a warning error for anything more than 257 characters when restoring (with folder structure) to the root of a drive, and obviously aborts upon a shorter length if restoring to folder other than root. W:\Drive_F_Long_Path_Bats>MakeLong Script W:\Drive_F_Long_Path_Bats\MakeLong.bat revised 13/07/2013 09:56 13/07/2013 09:57 18 AA--12-A.INI 13/07/2013 09:57 18 BB--24---------ZKZ-B.INI 13/07/2013 09:57 18 CC--25---------YLY--C.INI 13/07/2013 09:57
  13. I am using the 64 bit Recuva and 64 bit SysExporter with 8 GB of RAM. SysExporter has 6 menu pop-downs at the top Choose "Filter" and make sure that the "ListView" is ticked, and look for this to be added below other programs. If this does not resolve the issue after closing and restarting SysExporter, then I suggest that you cancel the DEEP SCAN mode. It will save you time, and we may then have a common basis for comparison/discussion. It takes my system 33 Seconds for a normal (NOT DEEP) scan to analyze 742 GB with 385,698 files. Your system takes 40 times as long for twice
  14. Thanks Dennis. I regret delayed return from lunch due to household chores that were imposed from on high. DOCUMENTATION :- PLEASE NOTE that the script pauses after creating the folder structure with files, and only deletes the structure with files when you hit any key. Until they are deleted you can use Recuva to detect and restore these undeleted files to another drive. You can then use a folder comparator utility to confirm the accuracy of of Recuva. Big.Bat Attempts to creates 7 files :- AA12.INI GG12.INI BB-18----TBT-B.INI CC-19----SCS--C.INI DD-20----RDS---D.IN
  15. Thank you Dennis. I have been working on a my initial proposal in conjunction with a new script to create recovery targets with lengthy names for path + file. It has been a painful processes, iteration between two scripts to ensure functionality. This may be useful to the developers and Beta testers. It is the lengthy creation script which I call BIG.BAT. :- Save this to any folder on any drive and run it, and it will ATTEMPT to create on the same drive a long path with 7 files but windows does NOT allow the existence of the longest name which is FF-22----PFP-----F.INI @ECHO
  16. That is the reward for using Windows to look at a Unix style file which concludes each line with "0x0A" instead of "0x0d,0x0A" You can either use MetaPad instead of Notepad, or rename the file as WinApp2.txt and then launch CMD.EXE and select the relevant folder and run the command MORE WinApp2.txt > WinApp2.ini
  17. I understand that the actual error is NOT what is reported. The problem is excessive length of Path PLUS LENGTH of Filename. The problem is ACTUALLY with the destination to which recovered files are saved, so saving to the root of X:\ will be more successful than saving to X:\Long Folder Names Are My Habit\ Unfortunately Windows may break the rules and create path+name lengths that a user (and Recuva) is not allowed to do. Such items must be excluded from any attempt to save complete with original path. This should give you a list of all the Path+Filenames, starting with those tha
  18. I suggest you start your own topic, stating version of Windows and specific version numbers of Chrome/Comodo and CCleaner.exe and WinApp2.ini. It would be a waste of time and effort if posts dealing with your issue are intermingled in this topic with its main function of submissions for new entries.
  19. How about creating an empty file "New Entries.txt" when you issue a new version of Winapp2.ini and simply adding to "New Entries.txt" every new proposed entry, and incorporate with each entry a double ;; comment showing the source, e.g. the post #number and author. That could be updated and on-line (read-only) for those who want to "chance their arm", and it might be a more convenient compilation than dozens of individual posts for those who have the ability to refine or warn of consequences. It could also contain complaints from those who "chanced the arm" and got it broken N.B.
  20. Wearing a white suit whilst clearing out a sewer is easier than being graceful whilst cleaning Windows
  21. I second that warning. Until February my Samsung HDD still had an Active "System Reserved" Partition for Windows 7. This was in addition to a new installation of Windows 7 on my newly installed OCZ SSD. "It never did me no harm." In February my WDC HDD was trashed, and when searching for solutions I was warned by several experts that two active disks is taboo - it leads to grief. My problem was upon start-up when the active partitions are very significant, and is almost certainly caused by race hazards arising from different HDD's and SSD's taking different times to spin up or wha
  22. Sorry - I was simply joking with WinApp2.ini that I knew where he lived.
  23. We see your router's MAC - We know where you live
  24. Yes we did. I remembered the topic but not the link, so I chose to re-explore and found new horrors that I had not previously seen.
  25. For every item that Windows Explorer and other "File Finders" can discover in WinSXS :- There is a 50 % chance that deleting that item will actually delete a link and merely increase total free space by a few KB, (unless that deleting that link also deletes the multi-megabyte target file from System32 or wherever, as happened in the past when reparse points were deleted); OR there is a 50% chance that you are deleting the real thing and the links in System32, .NET etc. are broken There is a 100% certainty that you either make no space savings at all, or this is another Death of a tho
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