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  1. I think I tried Tweak UI with zero success. Eventually I succeeded with Regseeker - BUT that trashed all the carefully located positions on my desktop.
  2. With more than a trace of sarcasm myself I propose a standard warning for this and many other CCleaner Fixits :- "It is STUPID to enable this unless you know why you need to BREAK something by doing so". Even cleaning the ICON CACHE resulted in irreversible damage to my Win XP, which I had to reverse by restoring a partition image backup. I was (and am) prepared for disaster. Any one who downloads Winapp2.ini and chooses to ignore warnings (blatant or otherwise) should also be prepared for disaster. I would stipulate that in my view the loss of a Wallpaper is not a loss - and c
  3. I disagree. People REALLY should not tick every box just because there is a box to be ticked. I suggest that this should be retained for the odd occasion when it might be needed, with a WARNING that this should ONLY be used to destroy a frozen wallpaper.
  4. I find that 64 bit DF v 2.11 knew the difference upon launch - AND DISPLAYED "SSD Detected" under the Status column Sadly that information is destroyed when it is replaced by "Analysis Complete" after clicking the Analyze button. Regretably 64 bit DF v 2.13 does NOT display "SSD Detected" either before or after clicking the Analyze button. Although DF does not display which are SSD, it correctly removes them from the list of partitions available to Defrag when I use :- Settings => Options => General, and UN-tick the option "Show SSD Drives". N.B. I tested above with defau
  5. Please note that depending upon Access Control Levels, when You delete a Reparse Point you may well delete the files at the destination, so it would not surprise me if a "successful" deletion of %SYSTEMROOT%\WINSXS\ also destroyed the contents of %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\
  6. I am aware that Windows is a false name - it should be called "Smoke 'n Mirrors" due to its endless deception courtesy of reparse points / hard links. I often find that Windows Explorer will ignore the contents of reparse points if it is not on-top of the reparse point, depending upon Access Control Levels. e.g. When I select and right click the folder C:\Users\Alan\AppData\Local\Moonchild Productions\ then W.E. reports a size of 0 bytes 0 Files 0 Folders. but when I select the reparse point that it contains which is C:\Users\Alan\AppData\Local\Moonchild Productions\Pale Moon\ It sh
  7. Golly Gosh - That halves the burden that Windows 7 places on my SSD. That is the removal of 6.19 GB (6,647,637,591 bytes) held by 42,214 Files, 10,684 Folders I cannot tell you how much faster that make by SSD rotate - 'cause that will never happen
  8. If the user does checkmark the entry whilst the service is enabled, OR IF the service is subsequently enabled, WHAT is the consequence ? It may be acceptable if the consequence is that a search instantly results in zero results, but not acceptable if the system locks up.
  9. The name KoshyJohn intrigued me. I found http://www.koshyjohn...ftware/diskmax/ Apparently it is a junk file remover. I like the idea of user created WinApp2.ini helping to remove the junk created by DiskMax Could there also exist a user created DiskMax.ini helping to remove the junk created by CCleaner I cannot help thinking of two Oozlum birds flying around in ever-decreasing circles until ... disappearing completely https://en.wikipedia...iki/Oozlum_bird
  10. Palemoon at 15.4 today http://forum.palemoo....php?f=1&t=1904 http://www.palemoon....enotes-ng.shtml
  11. I assume that you are referring to the note. "- Added FileKeys5 and 6" Should I assume that FileKeys 1 to 3 also remove cookies regardless of Saves ? Pedantic quibble :- What happened to FileKey4 SAFETY SUGGESTION :- Desist from using the same header when there is extra cleaning due to an Added DELETE or an Added DETECT. Assuming that this problem is due to the header [LocalService Cookies*] then this rule is NOT in effect by default, and I guess that 2nd Base has checked the box in the past and for that reason CCleaner has remembered the user preference and automatically
  12. You probably also permit Microsoft updates which strike without notice, and some browsers are on rabid release cycles. Have you tried removing Winapp to confirm it is implicated ? What search engine on what browser ?
  13. I think you are wrong. The recommendation under discussion is that CCleaner should modify its behaviour when "Wiping", and that "Repair" provides a more suitable method for an SSD than using the Erase tool That recommendation has no impact upon the use by a non-SSD of any other capability in the Repair option.
  14. Simple Change the name with an extra space, i.e. [snagit 9 More*] and not [snagit 9 More*]
  15. No problem here - I am happy to pass on the baton p.s. I like the code.
  16. My experience of CCleaner is that when it runs it needs browsers to be closed, in which case downloads would not be active, so on the face of it I seen no need to prohibit deletion.
  17. I am pleased you fixed your problem. I am slightly disappointed my script was not needed, BUT relieved that I did not have to embark on the tedious process of :- analysing a very long CC-INFO.TXT to determine what WinApp2.ini entries corresponded to your installation ; determining where the disruption occurred ; and then entering a long series of trial and error tests. A new Windows 7 installation and everyone wins
  18. We only know that there is an incompatibility somewhere in the combination of :- a specific computer ; its operating system ; its installed applications ; CCleaner ; and WinApp2.ini . After watching the video it is my guess that a particular set of installed applications causes a particular set of file and/or registry detects which cause CCleaner to activate a monstrous set of application check-boxes without any names. Perhaps many names are missing because of a problem with Windows fonts. Perhaps there is a RAM defect which causes CCleaner to go into a recursive loop when it uses a
  19. Please look again and consider who said what to whom and when and why. Double posts are generally deprecated, hence I advised continuing with the identical problem that was started under CCleaner Bugs. That topic was locked by a moderator for a valid reason that he stated, hence this became the topic for a continuation. Twas not I I am not prepared to analyse a problem that is dispersed with unrelated addition suggestions across a topic that is 130 pages and growing And since I had a diagnostic script available I chose to start a dedicated topic in the discussion forum.
  20. Your problem is not recognised as a CCleaner Bug so your other topic has been locked This problem may take many posts with lots of unrelated posts in-between which will only distract us. I have therefore started a separate topic under Discussions and I ask that we should continue discussion in that topic "Debugging CCleaner and WinApp2.ini" http://forum.pirifor...showtopic=37464 P.S. Please include your Operating System and whether 32 bit of 64 bit in your first response to that topic
  21. First, desist from double posts. Second, remove WinApp2.ini and try again. Then do NOT continue in this topic but continue with the topic you started at http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=37449
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