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  1. Welcome to the forum. That is never a valid definition. What was "current" when you typed may be superseded before it is read, plus we cannot be sure that you are aware of the new release yesterday. Did a previous version of CCleaner work without giving these problems ? What version numbers cause no problems, and which version numbers cause the problems ?
  2. Probably GOOD, but ONLY if nothing has been written to the same partition on the Server. Probably BAD if it is being shared with others or is getting updates.
  3. Safe logs would indicate that removal would permit danger. Why not "Useless Logs".
  4. That would be when CNET earned themselves a horrendous reputation for bundling high quality freeware such as CCleaner into installation packages which included low quality junk that paid them a commission for every computer that received their surplus and unwanted and damaging "extras" which came along for the ride. (I am one of many who still totally distrust CNET.) At the end of the day the easiest solution MAY be to use data recovery for any user documents you prefer to keep if possible, and then format and reinstall Windows. If you can use Windows Disk Management, and adjust the boundaries to show everything (including the headings Free space, Fault tolerance, and overhead, and then take and post screenshot(s), then we would have a better idea of your situation and be able to give better advice.
  5. WARNING - DO NOT TRUST MD5. Collisions can be generated with MD5, so a hacker can replace one portion of code with his own version to do what the hacker wishes, and yet the MD5 checksums will be identical http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2768913/if-md5-is-broken-what-is-a-better-solution If AVAST is a proper security company then it ought to provide SHA-2 (or better) hash checksums ( which Nirsoft HashMyFiles also handles ) though SHA-1 is probable good enough for now unless a powerful government body (you know who I mean) wants to fake something. MD5 is perfectly good for indicating an extremely high probability than a file has NOT suffered a random error due to an Internet transmission or Disk connection, BUT is considered to be BROKEN and should NOT be trusted by any security company.
  6. Welcome to the forum. It sounds to me to be a bug in the interaction of your specific hardware including your USB hub or USB drivers or even the version of 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows XP/Vista/etc/etc. Please give specific details of :- The USB HUB, The version of Recuva, the version of Windows, and 32 bit/64 bit system.
  7. Welcome to the forums. Do not panic, On a Windows P.C. the worse consequence of a software disaster would be the need to reinstall software, no need for a new H.D. Hopefully a MAC user can give more detailed assistance. Meanwhile perhaps a moderator will step in and more this to the more relevant "Cleaner for MAC" forum http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showforum=26
  8. Welcome to this forum. What version of Windows are you using ? From where did you get CCleaner ? Have you used CCleaner before ? Did you clean the registry ?
  9. A few years ago Windows Explorer context menus were suddenly flickering ghosts and unusable. AutoRuns showed me that DropBox had planted TEN HOOKS - TEN OF THEM, in "Explorer", and then I found it was even phoning home whilst Windows was starting up but BEFORE windows was ready to let me sign in. Drop-Box technical support were useless. I used Autoruns to disable all those hooks and normality was restored. Then I totally removed dropbox and promised myself it was never coming back again.
  10. The good new: If it is stolen the thief will not get very far and you have 3+ hours to track him down.
  11. @Kas I consider ......
  12. Softpedia is also good - but this can also change. Softonics is VERY high in the Google etc. results when looking for any software, but is MOST UNTRUSTWORTHY. I recognised that that size of the package was wrong so chose to refrain from installing, but some how they sneaked in a "manifest" which caused repeated "Side-by-Side" errors, and the only solution was to restore a partition image backup that I created a few days earlier.
  13. I seem to remember that MBAM recommended changing they name of their product before deployment to reduce the likelihood of malware "running for cover". It would be counterproductive of MBAM if they broadcast their presence to Piriform - who else might be listening
  14. Use Windows Disk Management to observe the Disk numbers allocated to each physical disk that is connected via SATA. You may find, as I have found, that stupid windows RE-allocates the numbers after a RE-start in a different order to what they were upon Start-up, and some programs malfunction in this situation. Perhaps this causes grief to Speccy. Microsoft seem to understand IDE, SATA is something else - they explain the problem in a technical note as being due to "the order of enumeration", which means they do not have a clue on how to fix it.
  15. Alan_B

    Email Tracking

    I disagree I have sent email requests to my Doctor for repeat prescriptions, and he never received them because of I.T. problems in the N.H.S. which failed to place them in the doctor's in-box. So far as the Internet was concerned - the message had been delivered, and I never knew of the failure Now I email my local pharmacy, and that one action causes them to to do many things :- 1. Forward my request direct to the doctors office BY FAX, because the Pharmacy FAX machine gets a response back from the doctors FAX as soon as the message is printed, and A FAX RECEIPT IS LEGAL PROOF OF DELIVERY. 2. They then email to say that it has happened (as I also request because they are part of a chain and subject to the same vagaries of remote I.T. as the N.H.S.) and if I do not get their response within a couple of hours I try again or phone them. 3. When the doctor has signed the prescription they then collect his authorization and deliver my needs to my door ( The internet would make me fat and lazy if I let it ) Incidentally, a FAX message is authenticated by the telephone that sent it. A solicitor dealing with a will required my wife's "signed instruction" to release funds, needing a 200 mile journey to his office, or a snail mail postal letter, or a FAX but email lacked authentication and could not be accepted. The hidden pixel solution used by KAS causes the entire email top be rejected by some spam filters, and I think that for all their failings, the N.H.S would have rejected ALL my emails if they had included tracking pixels. I would like to think that my security system would prevent the activation of a pixel from launching some action, How is that different from visiting an infected website that uses hidden pixels to signal to Windows that the user consented to an installation ?
  16. In my browser hovering over the "x" tells me nothing, but when I click the advert is replaced with a message "It's gone" with a button to "UNDO", and below that the report options "Inappropriate", "Repetitive", and "Irrelevant". If I click "Irrelevant" then it offers me the opportunity to update my "ads settings", which possibly might influence what ads are shown me in the future, and will be taken as explicit consent for anything I fail to negate. In my browser hovering over the triangle button tells me it is "Adchoices", and when I click a new TAB opens with a lot of information including @Login Perhaps you need to get a doubleclick cookie or visit sites that advertise with Google, or visit YouTube, and when you get on Google's Radar you may get to see the adverts that others see
  17. What Windows takes away, Sanboxie gives back - nice one
  18. The VERY FIRST RECOVERY ACTION SHOULD BE To restore from the $Recycle.Bin to the CORRECT DESTINATION. BEST CASE SCENARIO :- Assuming that you have NOT emptied the $Recycle.Bin, then the files which were in Portable Drive A:\ may still be present and available, in which case just give your computer the correct destination and you may be lucky with a perfectly common Restore action from the $Recycle.Bin. No need for Recuva or other third party tools. If you cannot find the original Portable Drive A:\ then Windows MAY accept as the CORRECT DESTINATION anything else which is allocated the letter A:\. WARNING :- When you restore something from the Recycle I think this may be a one time action, so restore the least important item and satisfy yourself of success before using this technique for the rest of the files. WORST CASE SCENARIO :- There is absolutely nothing there - it was all HIDDEN on the drive you lost. All that remains are distant memories in the $Recycle of what used to be and what could still be if you find the old drive. I am ignorant of all the intricacies of Windows, but UNDERSTOOD that when you delete to Recycle from system partition C:\ then NOTHING is copied or moved from the original sectors, but the MFT entries are adjusted so that Windows no longer sees that item in the original folder, but now sees it as living in the $Recycle.Bin. My computer has C:\ on a small SSD and everything else on a large HDD I have just used Windows to delete "1 File(s) 14,184,212,082 bytes" from R:\ to recycle, and then used the C:\ System Desktop "Recycle Bin" to restore that item back to R:\ The DOS command DIR shows that free space on R:\ remained constant at "26,782,760,960 bytes free" :- before deletion, whilst deleted, after restoration. I suspect the same may be true of external NTFS devices, and doubt that FAT32 devices would be any luckier. In my experience Windows is a reluctant servant, but is willing to seize the Whip and deliver punishment. May you have better luck than I.
  19. Dodgy software downloads are divine retribution from the Gods of Google for searching for such things. In the image sent with the first post, immediately below the correct green "Download Latest Version (4.53 MB) button is an advert box by free-download-now.com and top right of that advert box are two tiny buttons. The left button of that pair tells you about Adchoices, and the right button closes the advert To the left of that advert box there is a very wide advert box with two more tiny buttons controlling Adchoices. This morning I visited and the right hand advert was for a product in the same market as CCleaner, and the left box was the gadget site TMart from which I have bought a few cheap flashdrives and things, This evening Tmart is on the right and speedtrust.com is on the left. Obviously Google know what I have bought and from where I bought it, so they give me advert for more of the same in one of their boxes, and the other box is Google's chance to divert the visitor from the reason for his visit to a different but related product. Half of the spurious adverts are your fault for allowing Google to learn so much about you and the other half are what you need ad-blockers for
  20. In my limited experience they are automatically restored back to exactly where they came from. If you deleted an obsolete application before installing an updated version of the application, then restoring the obsolete version from the recycle bin would probably contaminate the latest installed version. That would probably be unwise. You may be better off if you try to save the files only, without restoring the paths they came from. I will back out of this topic now and leave it to those with more relevant experience to advise you.
  21. Welcome to the forum. You are so very wrong - Recuva added nothing. All that Recuva has done is EXPOSE to you the normally hidden system folder $Recycle.bin When I launch CMD.EXE and invoke the special command C:\Users\Alan>dir c:\$Recycle.Bin\*.* /a /s I see the following There are only two very old desktop.ini files because Windows automatically sticks them everywhere, but I almost never delete anything to the recycle bin - and if I do then I quickly decide whether to restore it or purge it. You are trying to get Recuva to extract files which you have deleted to the recycle bin. If you really want to retrieve them you could probably use the Desktop icon "Recycle Bin" and restore the contents back to where they were deleted from, but there again you may have had good reason to delete them to the recycle bin in the first place. Regards Alan
  22. Wrong. I use the Portable version of 7-Zip, but chose to accept violation of true portability by allowing it to make a context menu entry and to open when I double clip a *.ZIP file. As soon as I double click a ZIP the Windows Task Manager shows at the top of the Processes page 7zFM.exe 11912 kBytes Working ... 7-ZipPortable.exe 9484 kBytes Working They both clear within 3 seconds of closing the 7-Zip GUI.
  23. I find it easier and quicker to double click with my index finger on the left button than to use my third finger to right click.
  24. Because sometimes the operating system is NOT installed on C:\ but D:\
  25. Definitely NOT needed. I do NOT have 7zip as a startup, and it NEVER runs until I give it a job to do. File Associations are ALL that I have, and that is sufficient that when using Windows Explorer :- Double click on a *.ZIP will instantly launch "7-Zip Portable" ready to unzip the file, after which 7-zip continues to run until I close it ; alternatively Right Click Context menu includes "Open With..." that has amongst its options "7-Zip Portable", and what happens next is something I have never investigated.
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