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  1. I prefer separate. I suggest you create a separate topic in the Suggestions forum with a Poll, and that would avoid disrupting the normal purpose of this topic with :- hundreds of posts that simply Love It / Hate It ; and dozens of posts that give full and complete explanations of why we should Love It / Hate It.
  2. Agreed. Some computer users may have more than one use for the Internet, and may prefer more than one browser for different situations. Perhaps such a user might like to clean the cookies on one browser and clean download history on the other. Separate Application checkboxes for Firefox and Palemoon, and separate Application checkboxes for the installed version and the Portable version of any browser, would be a benefit.
  3. I hear and obey. New topic with new version of Merge.bat at http://forum.pirifor...showtopic=37419
  4. Yes, it is a one shot deal. It would take a lot more time and effort to thoroughly test and debug code that read and copied every line until it reached the ;;+; marker. I suggest that you keep a copy of the original downloaded WinApp2.ini if you wish to frequently redo Custom.ini.
  5. Here you go I have chosen ;;+; as something the original WinApp2.ini will never have And I append that to WinApp2.ini and also append Custom.ini to WinApp2.ini but only if WinApp2.ini does not already have any ;;+; FIND ";;+;" Winapp2.ini > NUL || ( ECHO ;;+; Custom.Ini below :- >> Winapp2.ini MORE Custom.ini >> Winapp2.ini ) NB || is a bit of magic that blocks the subsequent code if FIND is successful and && is the opposite magic should you need it. The above I tested because I am a bit rusty
  6. It may be worth noting that if you forget whether or not you have run that script, you can run it again - and each time WinaApp2.ini will get a bit bigger
  7. @mancubus Perhaps you need to totally delete the installed but corrupted CCleaner and then re-install. Your Portable PNG shows the Google Chrome has exactly 6 entries (denoted by trailing '*' stars) due to WinApp2.ini, and another 8 off entries without starts that are native to CCleaner.exe (i.e. not caused by WinApp2.ini) Your Installed PNG has exactly ALL of the 6 '*' starred entries due to WinApp2,ini, but native CCleaner.exe is NOT presenting the 8 off non-starred entries.
  8. In practice I never actually did any tests with the system partition using the entire HDD. After waiting for Windows Disk Management to wake up I find the HDD is 931.5 GB The precise ratio is 931.5 GB / 25 GB = 37.26 = 3726%. NB 11.3 GB of Used space leaves only 13.7 GB of Free Space on a 25 GB partition. I will never measure this, but I compute that Wiping Free Space in a 25 GB partition is 920.2 / 13.7 * 100% = 6717% faster than if C:\ had been allocated 931.5 GB
  9. I made my system 4000% less vulnerable to HDD errors, and Chkdsk was 4000% faster, by using a 25 GB Partition for C:\ instead of the entire 1000 GB HDD
  10. Why do you not test your theory on your own system ? After 30 years use of computers I have never seen a functional INI file that failed to place a blank line between entries. I think it is a standard feature and suspect that some if not all, applications would fail if blank lines were omitted.
  11. A new script that I have tested on my normal configuration, with some options checked and others unchecked, and with some includes and some excludes. The only difference I have observed from ANALYZE logs when running with the "normal" CCleaner.INI and the sorted variant is ANALYSIS COMPLETE - (1.420 secs) using "normal" CCleaner.INI ANALYSIS COMPLETE - (1.422 secs) using "sorted" CCleaner.INI The code :- @ECHO OFF COPY /Y CCLEANER.INI CCLEANER.BAK FIND /V "(App)" < CCLEANER.BAK > CCLEANER.INI FIND "(App)" < CCLEANER.BAK | SORT >> CCLEANER.INI The end re
  12. Ninja'd by Nergal I originally was only atrempting to meet the requirement to sort and just hoped it would meet a perceived need. This script works for me :- @ECHO OFF COPY /Y CCLEANER.INI CCLEANER.BAK ECHO [Options] > CCLEANER.INI SORT < CCLEANER.BAK | FIND /V "[" >> CCLEANER.INI I tested with CC324 and WinApp2.ini v1.0.121112 I launched CC and checked all boxes other than Firefox and Analyzed (but did not Run Cleaner) and exported the results to text :- Log3.txt I closed CCleaner and then ran the above script I launched CC and checked all boxes other than F
  13. It is only logical for CCleaner.exe to scan in sequential name order all the registry keys and folders that tell it which applications are installed, and as each DETECT occurs the relevant DELETE(s) are appended to the CCleaner.INI list. Sequential names of DETECTs result in non-sequential names of DELETEs To sort you only need two DOS commands REN CCLEANER.INI CCLEANER.BAK SORT < CCLEANER.BAK > CCLEANER.INI NB I assume CCleaner will be happy to accept a sorted *.INI
  14. For the sake of a quiet life in retirement I will pretend I never saw that Perhaps I will feel more energetic in the morning.
  15. OpenDNS told me lies. When the site was down and I PINGed I got a positive response, but looking closer the response did NOT come from forum.piriform.com instead OpenDNS substituted its own Adserver site. That ticked me of and I no longer use them
  16. Abelsoft claim that CNET gives it an "Outstanding" rating. How about a C&D on CNET ?
  17. CCEnhancer is not supported here. It has its own support site.
  18. I have a major issue with Windows 8. Microsoft has zero rights to claim current protection by "PENDING intellectual property rights"
  19. When you "split" physical disc into partitions then each partition has defined boundary limits with upper and lower limit values of LBA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logical_block_addressing. A normal user file access is by name of drive letter/folder/file to the Operating system which translates this to LBA values that are communicated to the disk controller.systems. Writing a large file to contiguous range of LBA values is translated by the physical disk controller to :- A contiguous range of tracks/sectors on a rotating HDD and the contents of one partition are never intermingled
  20. If you expect SUPERAntiSpyware to permit meddling with its special quarantine folder by CCleaner then you have a low opinion of SUPERAntiSpyware.
  21. Agreed. I am just proposing to remove the keys to be sure it cannot start even if the keys cannot be detected. I actually think the problem is NOT what to detect in order to delete those keys at the time when CCleaner is run, but how to cripple whatever it may be that re-creates these keys between the instant the CCleaner deletes them and before Windows shuts down. i.e. It does no good removing the key if it is recreated again before Windows is restarted.
  22. Why not replace the three detects with one detectFile DetectFile=%Windir%
  23. So single-handed you have burdened 354626 computers with 69.45 Gb of extra files
  24. My experience with XP was that :- This entry immediately removes the Iconcache.db ; The Iconcache NEVER REBUILT so there-after a Power up resulted in a blank desktop and the shortcut icons gradually appeared in the next minute or so. In theory explorer.exe MAY need to be stopped and restarted and that SHOULD rebuild the Iconcache.db. This should be an automatic consequence of shutting down Windows and restarting, BUT in practice Windows fails to do this for very many victims. The Internet has a large number of cures for the situation. I tried many with zero success. Eventually I
  25. I have been happy and dependent upon the free versions of both LastPass and XMarks for some years. XMarks has never given me grief. LastPass has never given me grief apart from a couple of days when LastPass battened down the hatches because of a suspected intrusion. I notice that no browser other than Firefox is identified in the complaints within https://addons.mozil...s-sync/reviews/ I suspect that my good fortune is due to jumping ship from Firefox to PaleMoon when Mozilla started breaking Add-ons because they chose to update like crazy and use the "common users" as Beta Teste
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