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  1. Found another very useful page on this that confirms Speccy is the way to go using the thermal margin method, its even recommended by AMD!(they recommended Core Temp that reads the exact same temp/method as Speccy) - http://www.overclock.net/t/1128821/amd-temp-information-and-guide I've also since found out that both ASUS Probe 2 & Speedfan use the SMBus (System Management Bus) to measure Temp that I've found to be way off when compared to the thermal margin method. Lastly mta, Intel & AMD Temps are worlds apart. my AMD FX 8350 CPU has Max Recommended Temps of 61c for
  2. I have Speccy set to display CPU average Temp on start-up but I've noticed every time my PC is restarted that the number displayed in the taskbar is frozen in place? & I have to open Speccy & minimize it each time is order for it to display properly.
  3. found some useful information regarding AMD temperature readings - http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/faq/id-2122665/understanding-temperature-amd-cpus-apus.html I assume Speccy is using the Thermal Margin method? & rightfully so, but the reason I asked for the traditional Socket Temperature is because that is the Temp that the BIOS uses/reports is it not? the Socket Temp? for example: AMDs recommended Max safe CPU Temp for my FX 8350 for running 24/7 is 61C? is that 61C Thermal Margin(like Speccy) or 61C as recorded by the BIOS? the two would be VERY DIFFERENT. 61C using ASUS Pro
  4. I'm running an AMD FX 8350 & I can only assume that the CPU Temp that Speccy shows is Not the Traditional 'Core' Temperature? but the newer? Temp readings like Core Temp & HWMonitiors 'Package' Temp show? Speccy is running dead even with HWMonitor in this respect but I'd really like to also have the traditional Average Core Temperature displayed in my Taskbar at all times as well?(instead of Package temp) I also notice that when you have it set to minimize to tray? that if you open/maximize it? then click close it doesn't minimize back to the taskbar? I wish it would
  5. No sooner I posted it finished its drag even though it was showing only 70% done. Couldn't find a way to delete this post.
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