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  1. I do have space on my hard drive to do whatever is needed. Windows shows that there is zero bytes available, but Recuva shows that it is a 7.32 gig drive. I have downloaded and ran the Lazesoft program. After about sixteen hours it shows nothing at all. I ran into this with other programs I tried.
  2. I tried as you instructed, and you guessed correctly. the same error report is coming up.... As for making the "image"... i do not know how to.
  3. Good evening Dennis, Thank you for taking the time to help. As for the card, nothing was changed. My wife put a movie on it months ago, we watched on the ps3. But when it came time to add more pics to it, the computer no longer recognized it. Asked us if we wanted to format. Using the cmd on the computer it came up saying it was RAW.
  4. I have an 8GB micro SD card with A LOT of the family photos and movies on it. Upon plugging it into the laptop to ad more, It asked to format it. Knowing better, I did not and started researching, and many programs and such later it has gone RAW. I found recuva along the way (trusted more then the others out there). But here's my problem, when I click scan a error report pops up. It states "Failed to scan the following drives: E:: Invalid drive size" Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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