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  1. for over a month, I have been dealing with it 'till I finally realized that it is incorrect data........ I build custom desktop here and there, been using system info tools like speedfan, coretemp, aida64(everest), but what I love most is speccy, as it's been my partner ever since 2004.... 'till now. after installing win8.1 pro 64bit on QuadCore AMD A8-5600K,Gigabyte GA-F2A85XM-HD3, w/RAM 4gb. Speccy reported a slapping 70° C ...on CPU temp ..I immediately, shutdown PC ..(as any custom PC builder would do) ..I don't want to fry my box.. I checked and reinstalled heatsink, reapply appropriate amount of thermal paste, rebooted, still getting way over normal/average/acceptable idle temp. ....spent 3 weeks figuring it out, I even bought a new COOLER MASTER HYPER 612PWM CPU COOLER. but still the same. Then, I said, "to hell with it, I will let it run for 3 hours" ..boom!!!, suprisingly, it did not melt. I played max setting on H.O.N , dota 2, heck I even played Injustice with it. not max though, but yeah.. for hours...but did not fry the box.. so I begin to suspect the reading is inaccurate. I just want to share this because, I want this fix periform. now, I installed 6 diffrent software to check core temp, I finally got the right reading. I don't want to tell which software it is, because I want to stay with speccy... 'till now, I am getting ...see attachment
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