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  1. Thanks for a response. Yes, it did show in device manager. I already went through a lot of differnt links. I'm asking very specific instructions someone can provide thinking outside of the box. Thanks
  2. I have an old "LaCie 500GB Firewire400 / Firewire800 3.5" External Hard Drive 300871" and I'm currently on Windows 10. I followed instructions on https://www.studio1productions.com/Articles/Firewire-1.htm and other sources to install legacy "IEEE 1394 host controllers", which i believe were installed successfully. When I boot up my external drive, I hear drive spinning (trying to do something) and I also see a blue/power button blinking processing something and after about 20 seconds it stops and blue light stops blinking and just stays as blue (meaning device is on). I went to Disk Management
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