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  1. Most if not all youtube videos resolve issues that are documented in the provided link above: https://www.cleverfiles.com/howto/100-disk-usage-windows-10.html. As I mentioned none of these resolve the problem.
  2. I do have some computers that have SSD and the same issue persists.
  3. I use "Hard Disk Sentinel Pro" to find out the health of the drives. they are all healthy.
  4. Everything described in the link has already been attempted. No changes.
  5. That is correct. The issue is specific to Disk and not CPU and it does last about 10 minutes and not seconds. I'm aware of the oddity on the CPU tab that usually lasts about a second, but this is not what I'm inquiring.
  6. I'm very good around computers but lately I'm very stumbled with the new computers that are being sold. I have a couple of computers that are always at 100% usage for at least 10 minutes after boot up. I went through most of the things that I can think of, like checking antivirus, malware (not present), Search service, start up items, etc. The thing is there are other computes that are exactly the same don't have the same issue. They are all set up exactly the same. All have the latest drivers, Windows Updates, etc. I'm just stumbled why.
  7. Thank you all for your comments. I contacted SeaGate who apparently purchased LaCie some time ago and they were able to accommodate data recovery free of charge. I sent them my drives last week, so we'll see what happens.
  8. Thanks for a response. Yes, it did show in device manager. I already went through a lot of differnt links. I'm asking very specific instructions someone can provide thinking outside of the box. Thanks
  9. I have an old "LaCie 500GB Firewire400 / Firewire800 3.5" External Hard Drive 300871" and I'm currently on Windows 10. I followed instructions on https://www.studio1productions.com/Articles/Firewire-1.htm and other sources to install legacy "IEEE 1394 host controllers", which i believe were installed successfully. When I boot up my external drive, I hear drive spinning (trying to do something) and I also see a blue/power button blinking processing something and after about 20 seconds it stops and blue light stops blinking and just stays as blue (meaning device is on). I went to Disk Management
  10. yes tried these combinations as well.
  11. When all checkboxes are off, Search button is not available. Like I said, one at the time, combination of 2,3,4,5 checkboxes etc. This is clearly a bug. Plus a regular user wouldn't do all the tests that i did. They would give up after 2-3 tries. Not even that, if the software doesn't show them duplicates when there are, they just wouldn't know like in my case.
  12. I did try all permutations in the Ignore section as well.
  13. The point of my post was to raise an issue and see if I was doing something wrong. I do believe it's an issue with the software and hopefully devs can check it out and resolve it as I love CCleaner and use it everywhere. Thanks for help guys.
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