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  1. I don't see the necessity of having a catch-all word. Why not say "delete" when you mean delete, and "erase" when you mean erase? Both words are absolutely standard and well-known. And anyway, why bother to delete anything when you can erase it?. Your answer is evasive and confusing, and has confirmed my intention of having nothing to do with CCleaner.
  2. I cannot find anywhere a definition or description of what "clean" means in this context, and I find that unusual and suspicious. Basically it might mean "delete" or "erase", both terms being well-known and understood. I would hope it means "erase" - that is the destruction of the data so that it cannot be recovered but in that case one would expect at least a brief description of the process used. I would certainly not buy any software which omitted this basic information.
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