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  1. The end of the matter (hopefully): I went onto the Malwarebytes forums and posted my problem. I got a reply from a malware removal expert, and over the next couple of days he patiently got me to go through a series of scans with different downloaded software, and these found some remnants of the original 6 items of malware, which were also removed. As well as being annoyed at myself for letting this happen, I'm disappointed that Norton neither stopped the malware from downloading, nor found it when I ran a scan. However, it seems that the major security suites are vulnerable to some clever malware, so I'm sticking with Norton, but have purchased the Premium version of MBAM - this works out at £10 pa for each of our 2 computers, which is a modest amount for the increased security. Thanks again.
  2. Good idea - thanks. I'll do as you say.
  3. THanks everyone. I scanned with Norton yesterday and that was clean. I've got a full MBAM scan running now, with rootkits ticked. If that's OK is there any need to scan with MBAntirootkit also? PS: A few minutes later: the MBAM scan found 6 nasties, comprising the conduit and sweetpacks mentioned. All are quarantined. Does that mean the computer is OK now, please?
  4. Thanks. I did manage to get a "correct" download from Piriform eventually, and I'm scanning the computer now, just in case. The worrying thing is that I started the first update by opening ccleaner and clicking on "check for updates". This took me to what looked to be the true Piriform site; I clicked on the "Download" button and went to what claimed to be File Hippo; I clicked on "download" there, was taken to "Soft Now", and what I downloaded was a file called "CCleaner_TSA 13AIJZ" with an icon I'd never seen before. There's something dangerous going on there I think.
  5. I've just tried to download the new version (413) of Ccleaner, and it all looks very different from the last time I did this. Instead of being able to download from the Piriform website, it winds up downloading from "Soft Now", and when I go to run the exe file that's also very different from what's always happened in the past, including wanting to download additional, unwanted, software. I stopped the installation. Is this all as it's supposed to be, or have I downloaded something different to Ccleaner? Is it safe to proceed? Thanks.
  6. One of the big uses I have for CCleaner is to take a look at new cookies, and get rid of those I don't want. Even though I have cookie control set to "High" th same unwanted cookies keep on turningup. If I could copy the url from CCleaner, and paste it into the Block Cookies box it would be very helpful.
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