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  1. Thank you for your replies Andavari and Redhawk. Is Firmware updates equivalent to driver updates ?(sorry for the ignorance) Thanks
  2. Hi Is updating the burner firmware with Firmware HQ serves any purpose if the burner is not faulty(that I know of...)? Any experiences with Firmware HQ ? Thanks
  3. Thank you for your reply Aethec, so what are the exact benefits from this action?
  4. Hi Andavari Other than for safety reasons and to free up space, does the free space shredding have any other benefit say for example better functionality?
  5. Thank you for the link Dennis. Where do you write the file to?
  6. Taken from Erunt`s read me text: "- Other open user registries: Sometimes Windows has a few other user registries in memory. Examples for this are "generic" registries, e.g. for user "EVERYONE", or registries of other users if you use Fast Task Switching in Windows XP. "
  7. I use Sandboxie for about two years and I`m very pleased with the program. They have a good support forum and have been around I think for three or four years and are known all over the world ,several members of this forum are Sandboxie`s users.
  8. Eli

    Java Updated !

    Thanks for the info.
  9. I checked list view tab before updating to the latest version with no issues here. I guess it must have been something related to your system.
  10. Somehow the :" if it ain't broke, don't fix it" sounds adequate here. I personaly use a VM+ AV + 2 AS + FW,and this looks to me like a very reasonable security formula with a very high chance of crap avoidance and I`m trying to fix it , fix it with what? nothing is full proof ....even not WIN updates ....you see what I mean? it is endless.
  11. This issue with sandboxie and WIN update brings me to the question I`m asking myself very often and I`m sharing this one with you: Why would a person that always uses sandboxie or other VM + a good AV +a good AS need WIN security updates ?
  12. I did that last Win update and that one disabled sandboxie, so I had to use system restore and now it is ok. I`m beginning to think that those security updates do more harm than anything good .
  13. Eli

    Erunt program

    Thank you all.
  14. Eli

    Erunt program

    Thanks ident.
  15. Eli

    Erunt program

    So to understand you correctly, you are saying that if I have a program that had a egistry entry I`ll have to uninstall/reinstall . Is that correct?
  16. Eli

    Erunt program

    Hi Say for example I downloaded a new program today, and later on, I restored the registry back to yesterday with ERUNT, what happens with the AM program, will it still exist but WIN will not be able to recognize it? Thanks
  17. Hi hazelnut How is IE8 compared to IE7 when dealing with resources and effectiveness of browsing(on Win xp pro sp3) ?
  18. Hi Andavari Please see the following(taken from here): http://www.ie7pro.com/download.php?language=en System requirements In order to use IE7Pro, you must have one of the following operating systems and browsers installed: 1. 64 MB of RAM 2. 6 MB of free disk space 3. Microsoft WindowsNT /2000 /XP /2003 /Vista 4. Support Internet Explorer 6.0/7.0 and above
  19. Hi Did any of you encounter a shut down issue with IE 7 and IE 7 pro addon? When I activate the browser ,as soon as it tries to open an internet connection, it shuts down the machine. How do I know that this is an interrelation issue? I uninstalled IE7 pro....and everything is normal now. I`m interested to know if it is only here or some of you happen to encounter this same problem as well. Thanks
  20. Eli

    avast 5

    I`m almost always sandboxed and yet there are some instances that programs use the internet without you even noticing that, specialy with those that work in the background, or some other member of the family that does not care much if the system is sandboxed or otherwise..... .IMHO it is not much of a price to pay, to be safer than sorry later on.
  21. Eli

    avast 5

    Without web shield? don`t you need protection from web malware like viruses,worms and all the crap hanging in there?
  22. Eli

    avast 5

    Thank you all for your replies. I upgraded to version 5 , I think that this is the first thing I did right this week.... it is much lower on resources, and my PC seems to run faster ! Thank you all again! (BTW, I installed 5 over 4.8 with no problems at all, it also kept my registration number, so I did not have to reenter it)
  23. Eli

    avast 5

    Hi I`m still using Avast 4.8. I understand that as they`ve started the new version: 5 , they were some users complaints about some issues. My question : Is there a significant improvement worthwhile to update to the new version ? Thanks
  24. Thanks hazelnut, does anyone here have any experience with this software( Efficiency,use of system resources and so on)?
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