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  1. Eli

    Startup Delayer

    Here you have a free startup delayer included in the package : http://www.glaryutilities.com/gu.html
  2. Also an at least equaly very good program, Paragon Backup & Recovery Free 10.01 Edition : http://www.paragon-software.com/home/db-ex...s/features.html
  3. Eli


    Regarding this matter please read here (The official blog of nirsoft.net): http://blog.nirsoft.net/2009/11/30/third-b...le-to-download/
  4. I wonder why is it that if I try to update through Sandboxie, it states that there are no available new versions. (I have version 3.42)
  5. Eli


    Quite a very useful finding Hazelnut. Thank you very much !! BTW it is amazing that all these launcher portables = 6.8MB in disk space !!!!!
  6. Thank you for your reply Andavari. * Microsoft DRM and Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library allowed in FF, security settings in IE ok with no restrictions, still same same and it is not with only one site , it is with any site that needs WMP. We have to assume that the player does not work if requested from sites.
  7. Hi I`m having an issue with WMP for quite a while and that means that sites that require this player for streaming videos just wont work even if I configure other player to play WMP files. I`ve tried almost everything but formating and reinstalling Windows.....My question is if you have any idea to bypass the issue ,meaning that the solution will not deal with WMP itself but will bring a bypass solution, for instance a sort of player that that "smells" the same but will somehow do the trick. Thanks
  8. Eli

    Av1 Center

    1AVCenter is an all-in-one software for screen capture, video capture, audio capture, webcam capture, computer monitoring, home security monitoring, desktop screen live broadcast, webcam broadcast, streaming video capture, webcam Internet publishing, and secure file sharing. I personaly like it. You can get it here : http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/ Enjoy. Note: 22 hours to download, from the time of this message.
  9. That is interesting `login123` I`ve just rechecked and no positives now, I guess they fixed it during the day..... That means it was a false positive ,atherwise it would alarm again.
  10. This one was installed separately in august 2009 before I had MBAM.
  11. I have to register for this and I`m already registered in too many forums.....they should make it easy on anyone who wants to report a fale positive and not make it difficult in any way, after all they benefit from it. This file exists in my system about four months with no updates, with no previous alarms .
  12. MBAM`s false positives all regarding File assassin(checked wih virus total and Jotti`s malware scans, with 0 results):
  13. Hi I have : vc_red.msi ,( please also the atached details)installed in the root of my C drive. I did not install it. Does anyone nows if it is safe to uninstall? Thanks
  14. Thank you Dennis for your effort but I`m using Win PE for Easeus Todo backup and it does not follow the same procedures as Macrium, but thank you again.
  15. Hi Dennis, how can you verify that you ineed booted from the recue disk and not from the HD? I know that even though you`ll set the BIOS to boot from a CD/DVD it will try to run from it, but if it fails it will automaticly run the OS from the HD (if operational) without any message or log. Any ideas? Thanks
  16. Eli


    Thanks Twisted Metal.
  17. Eli


    Hi I do not understand from this attached message if I should remove the existing ini file I have got from a few months ago or it is related to a new Winnapp2.ini mistakenly put by Twisted Metal. Any help? thanks.
  18. Thanks for your reply marmite .I didn`t limit the size w/ the advanced settings but I did get to the point where the program requested new fresh media and I did not think it would work if is splitted. On other thing,the PE didn`t make the rescue disk anouncing there is an error and it can not find the source (Windows installation elements) and this is after the program already found the windows disk and made the log text and the back up itself but as I mentioned before,was not able to produce the resque disk. At this point ,it looks easier and less time consuming to format and install a new OS.......
  19. Do I have to make an image on an external drive? I`ve tried to make one on a 4.5Gb DVD/CDmedia with not enough space,( so declared by the softwear, even though it was set to high compression). .
  20. Thank you for your link Hazelnut ,the program worked very good in my system Win XP SP3 untill next reboot somehow it couldn`t open files, uninstalled and installed again with same outcome, finally uninstalled.
  21. Hi Andavari Are you saying in fact that a higher RAM than 1 giga may even slow XP down?
  22. I`ll say you have some firewall other than Windows that prevents changes to the registry. If yes, try to disable the firewall and try to make the changes you want. If it is not the firewall,it may be some other sort of security software that partly works/behaves like a firewall Iwould suggest you disable it as well,but not before you disconnect from the internet... Good luck
  23. Eli

    watermark tool

    Thanks for the link, I think that I`m getting close to what I want with Irfan View but I`II try this one as well. Thanks again.
  24. Eli

    watermark tool

    Right, this programs is good for the application of watermarks but not able to create them, but thanks anyway.
  25. Eli

    watermark tool

    Hi I need to generate watermarks for jpegs.(text on a transparent background). Any good free program recommended? Thanks
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