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  1. Eli

    vertion 2.05.555

    Does anybody know if there are any problems with the new version 2.05.555 ? Are there any advantages over the previous version (like bug fix, additional functions)? Thanks.
  2. Thank you for the link,know I`ll get the chance to work on my slang........
  3. Thank you very much for your helpful reply .Eli
  4. Thank you for your help, I did as instructed and it worked. The question know is about all the additions : Is that OK that all the applications are in the cleaner now? I simply unmarked all what I'm not familiar with including windows additions that I have not any clue as to what these are. Thank u again for your kind help. Eli
  5. Thank you for reply but its a no can do for me...
  6. Need to know, if in the cleaning process,Spy ware doctor anti spy is cleaned as well, although it doesn't figure in the application list. Thank you in advance. Eli
  7. Eli

    Registry fix

    How often should I use the registry cleaner,bearing in mind I`m not a heavy pc user? Thanks.
  8. Eli

    applications cleaning

    a/m= above mentioned Regards ELI
  9. Eli

    applications cleaning

    Can you advice please the deletition consequences of the a/m ?thanks . Eli
  10. Can anybody explain which elements of applications CCleaner cleans for the following: 1.Antivirus/antispyware 2.office 3.pdf reader 4.java sun 5.windows ms paint,ms word pad,regedit 6.multimedia. Request to be more specific than the "Temporary files answer...." and please advice the deletition consequences of the a/m. Thanks in advance. Eli
  11. I have gone through the beginners guide and forum and still do not understand the following: When cleaning windows and applications(other than temp files)what sort of files are this? for example office,antivirus and other applications and of course windows? Will I potentially disable some functions if I delete these files?I'm on default settings. Thanks in advance for your reply.
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