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  1. It is HDD.Started about 2 weeks ago.Ram usage with FFabout 2 tabs open 50% from a total of 1 GB. Whats running did not point any anomaly I could notice.
  2. Yes I did, and it did not find errors. On top of that, the disk still runs like hell a few times a day with no process as culprit and no malware findings as per Avast`s scans. Unfortunately It looks like I`m going to have to reformat .....or worse if it is a hardware issue.
  3. Thank you Hazelnut, still haven`t got a clue as to what to do next, hope somebody here with some expertise on this issue will help me out.
  4. HI Hazelnut, I got the blue screen again the culprit as per the log is the Windows file:ntkrnlpa.exe. As you do not have the option to uplad this kind of file, you can download the dump file from here: http://www.2shared.c...i121111-01.html, I`ve also attached the properties report as per Blue screen view. Any assistance/suggestions will be appreciated.Thanks.
  5. Even though the attachment states otherwise, the facts are as follows: 1.The file is located in the windows folder. 2.No malware findings.
  6. Thank you for you reply login123, I`ve tried "WhatsRunning" and that one is definitely a keeper/stripper thank you! I meant by where does it write to the disk, for example if it writes to the page file and how much. BTW, What`s my computer doing, reports some false warnings one should be aware of, and recheck.
  7. That must be a practical joke from somebody with an awakening sense of humor, and the joke is on the those whom are to protect our computers......
  8. Well, there is one thing I`d like the program[what`s my computer doing] to do: where does it write in the disk and how much.
  9. Blessed be you JDPower, I did not know such a program existed, very helpful, thank you!
  10. Oops... I`ve already deleted the dump file, if it happens again I`ll do that, I have this Nirsoft`s program that never used before and even forgot that I have it.
  11. Hi Hazelnut While I was posting,the machine crashed on me and went through memory dump to physical disc that is why all the gibberish. I`ll try the three other options u have offered and revert. Thanks
  12. Hi My hard disk is incessantly working although I `m not giving it any task to go through, I have tried to find some unknown processes using the task bar with no success, the system was scanned thoroughly with Avast, with no findings, CPU usage=OK, any suggestions? Thanks
  13. Hi Dennis I`ve downloaded the installer from their official site. The only difference is the degradation of functions regarding to preconfigured moving/copying files to . In the attached GIF you`ll see how it shows in the prior version, in the new version it shows something like: PRO VERSION ONLY and preset move/copy to is disabled in the free version.
  14. Hi I updated free Tera copy version from 2.12 to 2.27 and all copy/move favorites to, turned to be pro version and unabled for the free version! meaning that in the latest version, I`m unable to do what I was able to do in the prior one! Of course I down graded back to 2.12, did any of Teracopy users here encountered this?
  15. Thanks for your reply SF, I finally installed by going to documents and settings , under user account, application data, found the SUN folder and activated the windows installer for this version, quite a work around but worked.
  16. Hi I`m using Java oracle runtime environment for a long time and today after uninstalling the previous version, I could not install the new version[ tried several times] I`m getting this message from windows: Could not open this installation package. Make sure that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid WINDOWS INSTALLER Any help will be welcomed. Thanks
  17. It does have self protection, see the attachment.
  18. I want to clean Maxthon and G.chrome browsers, but as I move towards using more and more stand alone or portable programs it may be a good idea to use options+include, what kind of files type/options should I target? Thanks
  19. Hi Is it possible to clean a portable/stand alone program ? If yes how do I add it to the cleaning list? thanks
  20. Eli

    Google chrome

    Thank you all for the advice, BTW, Maxthon browser is also a fast one, about 80MB HDD as a portable version, with a lot of built in options+additional engine for sites tailored for IE.
  21. Eli

    Google chrome

    Thank you for your reply Andavari, I`m trying now the Google chrome portable version, half the size of the installer vesion+ I decide where to put it.... If this one is not going to work for me, then I`ll try the three you suggested, thanks again.
  22. Eli

    Google chrome

    Thanks for your reply, meanwhile I uninstalled chrome because of some browser`s malfunction. Any recommendation for an efficient and light on the system browser, excluding opera, google chrome and FF?
  23. Eli

    Google chrome

    Hi I`ve installed Google chrome today and found out that it installs in the hiden Win aplications folder and not in the programs folder + it weights about 200 MB !!!!! Anyone encountered that ? or is it only me.....? Thanks
  24. Eli

    Two things

    It also may imply that if they approve this add on, they also admit at the same time that they have a memory leakage problem that they themselves could not solve yet...
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