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    Two things

    This add on was previously called AFOM and it is around at least a year,some reviewers were satisfied,some not what I wonder is why is this add on not being approved yet.
  2. Dictators Uninstaller
  3. Eli


    Did you try to chkdsk with auslogics or defraggler to see if it works next boot? if did not work either ways maybe you have got some security application avoiding that operation.
  4. Eli


    Never used Auslogics to chkdsk I always use WINDOWS chkdsk
  5. Eli


    I occasionally do run chdsk once in a while and it wasn`t scheduled when it happened.
  6. Eli


    I have the same settings as yours + skip files larger than 50 MB, and this is the first time it happened after a year of use.
  7. Eli


    Thank you Dennis I guess it was a sort of coincidence.I`m waiting for Auslogic`s support team regarding this matter.
  8. Eli


    Hi Yesterday I defragged + optimized the system with Auslogics disk defrag , after reboot ,system turned to a cold stone ,although able to reboot, nothing was operable, fortunately had the system restore on . Question: Did any of you encounter such an incident ? Thanks
  9. It looks very good Shane.
  10. Hi Shane I think that it would be a nice idea that whenever you are out with a new version that you`ll announce here [of course if it is not too much of an inconvenience to you]. Thanks
  11. I`d put is as an option,not by default,but then again you are going to get a lot of users questions....:-)
  12. I`m on 64x2 AMD dual core processor 3800+ and I personally don`t notice any change that I can tell about,after all it takes only about 1 second to complete the task. I`ll roll it back to you, the question is if you think that cleanmem hits the CPU on that scheduled operation so that it will justify the effort.
  13. HI Shane A suggested change:Set a level of CPU activity to delay cleanmem cheduled task when CPU is very busy. Thank you for your exellent product.
  14. I think that if you`ll read here from :about cleanmem and on,it will be self explanatory as to how cleanmem works and may clarify the clouds of doubt.
  15. Isn`t the small monitor you are relating to, the clenmem log? If yes, are you saying that in version 1.65 this function is absent ?
  16. [App Update] Avast 5.0.677 Released (Sept 7) Both paid and free versions ?www.avast.com/security-software-home-office Release History ?www.avast.com/release-history * solved a problem that could lead to disappearing of the avast service * Behavior Shield: solved a minor stability issue (aswSP.sys) + solved a Win7 issue * performance and stability improvements in the avast! sandbox * changes in the engine allowing us to generically detect/block some new types of exploits * speed improvements in the updater * IS: fixed a vulnerability in aswFw.sys (Secunia Advisory SA40868) * solved a vulnerability related to license files (Secunia Advisory SA41109) * solved a problem with scanning of files with very long path names * fixed the updater in East-Asian versions of avast running with Windows set to a different locale * IS: improvements in the Outlook antispam plugin * IS firewall: improvement in the path name matching * IS: upgraded to the new version of antispam engine * minor changes and fixes in the GUI * fixes in the screen reader support * fixed a bug where the File System Shield was scanning some files even after being disabled * added trimming of setup.log * added Danish, Hebrew and Urdu language packs
  17. I use Sumo and I find it to be a very good program. A small reservation though:Should you decide to download SUMo, please ensure that you download the lite version (find it on the download page, it is the link with the letters "RK" crossed out ). The full version comes with a program called Relevant Knowledge, which is detected by most security software as spyware.other than that, no probs.Download here
  18. I asked this question about the security updates and guess what ? I finally made the update and my machine went into a deep freeze.... lucky me I made a system restore point + Erunt backup prior to updating... It is beginning to look like these updates bring more trouble to my machine than the remote possibility of a security breach,considering the fact that I`m always running sandboxed.
  19. Thanks for the info Dennis.
  20. Thanks for your reply. These are the last realeases.
  21. Hi Any encountered issues with the attached Microsoft security updates ? thanks
  22. Thank you Andavari , it is much easier downloading flash player from filehippo than from Adobe`s site itself, thanks !
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