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  1. Eli

    Ccleaner uninstaller

    I actually use ZSoft uninstaller that in MHO does a better job than Revo, but I thought I`d ask as I use ccleaner regulary and have never used the built in uninstaller.
  2. Hi Does the ccleaner uninstaller erases related uninstalled prog reg keys?
  3. Eli

    K hardware interrupts?

    Hi Alan The image Indeed is from process explorer.Thank u 4 the links Alan, BTW 2nd and 3d links are the same.
  4. I`m getting K hardware interrupts line in the task manager with no abilty to check anything on this through the task manager, does any of you have any idea whay is it there all the time and for what purpose? Thanks.
  5. Thank you for sharing Alan, the reason I started this thread was because of D primary partition screwup, so I`m not sure about primary being safer, but then again since we do not now the solid advantages of the one over the other, it is hard to make a reasonable choice other than mere speculation.
  6. I read that yesterday and it still does not explain the advantages[not the characteristics] of one over the other, in fact, I did not find one single site yet to answer such a simple question.....More over, if there is no advantage what would be the lead other than the obvious primary active for sys.
  7. Yes, as far as I can remember, (I`m not at home to recheck),why the question?
  8. I fail to see the advantage of one over the other, please enlighten.
  9. By the way. since I installed an extra HD I have set it to logical, is that ok? or should it be changed to primmary?
  10. Thank you Hazelnut and Alan for the Minitools program, quite eficient and fast, I had to format the partition and now it works.
  11. I did a file system check with Mini tool and it says The second NTFS boot sector is unwriteable and I don`t know what to do with this information. Any help? [two screen shuts attached]
  12. Hi Hazelnut, Now it is getting very weird, I`ve tried to repartition D and see what it shows !:
  13. Thank you for your reply Hazelnut, It says it works fine and in polices tab it is with Enable write caching on the disk checked.
  14. Right after perfect disk defragmenter defragmented partition D [not the system partition], I got the following error in the Win.event viewer: The driver detected controller error on - \ Device \ Harddisk0 \ D, Error Id :11 , and I`m unable to move files to that partition ever since and getting the following popup message: "Windows Delayed Write Failed Windows was unable to save all the data for the file_____. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere." and get the freeze. I checked the disk with:1. Es tools ,(Samsunsungs manufacturer disk test)=passed. 2.HDD Regenerator= passed Even though the disk past both checks, chkdsk procedure /f /r at boot time, stops at step 4, 98% The D partition functions properly other than moving/copying files/folders to it, also not able to erase/shred files/folders some of the time, never the less, I`m able to move/copy files and folders from D. C system and programs partition,works properly. Also please note that C and D are at the same and only HD. I`m at lost here with a disk that passed the tests but windows hints otherwise, any help suggesting other procedures than the ones already done will be most apreciated.Thanks
  15. Eli

    Updating drivers

    Do the performance improvements related to the above mentioned driver updates worth the risk of some screwed up driver?
  16. Eli

    Updating drivers

    Hi I`m attaching a short list of outdated drivers. Questions: Is there a point in updating those drivers? If yes, what are the benefits? Thanks.
  17. I`ve checked in this site some other versions and they bring up the same temps, I guess it is their standard average working environment. Thanks.
  18. Thank u Hazelnut but the version is not correct and I do not understand the terminology.
  19. hi i`ve tried to google it but i got only vague info as to what is the max temp allowed in: intel motherboard chipset model: i915p/i915g i`ll very thankful if some of you will give me an idea of the max allowed temp.the actual reading in this machine is around 55-60 c.
  20. Eli

    Process Lasso 6.0

    process lasso: a process, power, and cpu optimization and automation utility, given away for 24hrs at: http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/
  21. I`m a Pale Moon user, previously on Firefox .It is more like a lighter firefox version. Details: http://www.palemoon.org/
  22. I have never counted on Java to remove the previous version, so I do a clean install every new version.
  23. Thanks for your lead Alan, I`m not familiar with this program but IMHO think that if one is not suspecting any basic random disk failure, it means having one program more in the background using resources. In case of disk failure suspicion, I`d rather have the disk checked prior to Windows booting with programs specifically tailored to make such a preboot check.
  24. I have needed a simple task, to cut a video in to two parts [splitting] ,and for that function I did not have any issues.
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