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  1. pwillener Thanks for the reply. redhawk, Thanks for the information. I was trying to find out if XP Task Scheduler could schedule tasks to run with elevated privileges, (like Vista), so that ERUNT would run no matter what type of account turned the computer on first. ERUNT's documentation states that it must be run from an account with admin. rights. Andavari, I personally agree with you, but my sister wouldn't begin to know how to image a hard drive. That's why I'm trying to find a way that I can get ERUNT to run at first start up, by a limited type account user since no one on this system will have Admin. privileges anymore. I have this code in the Start Up folder for the Admin. account on my XP system. But it has to be an Admin. account for ERUNT to run from the Start Up folder according to ERUNT's readme.txt file. Eli, I've read the same thing in the readme.txt file which is why I don't think it can be done from the start up folder on a limited user account and why I'm trying to find out if anyone knows whether running ERUNT from a scheduled task on a limited user account would work. Thanks everybody.
  2. I just finished getting my sister's XP Pro computer cleaned of all the infections and viruses that were caused by all users on the system having a Administrator account and a couple of them (kids) downloading everything they came across on the net. After cleaning the system, one of the first things I installed was ERUNT. And I know that an Autoback script can be put in the Start-up folder of an administrator account and ERUNT will run at start-up. But all accounts have been changed to Limited accounts except for a System Admin. account which nobody in the house has the password to. And my understanding is that ERUNT should not be run with a limited account. My question is: Is there any way to use the Task Scheduler in XP Pro to get ERUNT to run no matter what kind of account logs on? So that ERUNT will run no matter who logs on(Like you can do in Windows Vista). I posted this here for two reasons: 1. The advanced users in this forum recommend installing ERUNT all the time. and B. There isn't any Community Forums at the ERUNT web site. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. kroozer, Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I did read the help files, before posting, and I know why I got the error. It was a simple error in putting data in the link box. It's working now.
  4. I use ERUNT Autobackup on Vista Home Premium 32bit OS w/SP2. I have mine set up in Windows Task Scheduler. I have it set to 7 days of auto backups and it works perfectly. When setting it up thru Task Scheduler, it doesn't matter which user logs onto the system. It will automatically create a registry back up first thing when the computer is turned on for the first time that day. If I'm not mistaken, the ERUNT docs. state that it must be set up in Scheduler to get around UAC. I'm not sure if you must Task Scheduler if you don't use UAC. But I do know it works when initiated thru Task Scheduler. Click on the first link in This Link by Jamin4u for step by step directions. The only thing you will need to add is the days:?(substitute the number of days you want for the ?)to the arguments line. Just click in the box, arrow to the end and add the days:? argument. Hope this helps.
  5. These are probably dumb questions, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I want to install a new anti-virus program, so I need to remove the old one completely and then I want to clean out the C:/Documents&Settings/User(me)/Local Settings/Temp files and folders before installing the new program. My ..../Local Settings/Temp folder has a lot, about 108MB of files and folders that CCleaner marks for deletion, unless they are less than 48 hrs. old. The folders in the Temp folder include everything from a folder with net.framework update logs and net.framework wrarpper text docs to a folder with icsjh.dll, icslta.dll, icsscan.dll, and icsweb.dll files. 1. Is it ok to delete all of these or should I make a restore point before before allowing CCleaner to do the deletions? 2. Will a single restore point suffice before running CCleaner on all other limited user accounts,(my account is an admin. acct.), or should I make a new restore point once I enter each additional account? 3. CCleaner has marked a lot of index.dat files for cleaning. I have read that the program marks them so they can be cleaned on the next re-boot. Does anyone know of any probems that this has caused? I would appreciste any help. Thanks.
  6. Jammin4u, Thanks for your reply and help.
  7. When CCleaner is installed, should it have put a program shortcut in the Programs Menu for all users along with the shortcut it put in the Programs Menu for the user who installed it? Thanks
  8. I know that you can't run CCleaner from my user account to clean other user's accounts. I only have 3 user accounts on my system. One is an administrator account, 2 are user accounts, one for me and one for my wife. I changed my account to an administrator account when I installed CCleaner. The program installed and put a shortcut on my desktop and in my all programs menu. However it did not put anything on my wife's desktop or in the or in the all programs menu for all users so that I could log onto her account and run the program from her profile. Should CCleaner have added a menu shortcut to the Document and Settings/AllUsers/Start Menu/Programs folder so that the program could be run from all users, or do I need to do that manually? Hope this made sense. Thanks
  9. What are the Perfilb_Perfdata_XXX.dat and IMTXXX.xml and IMTxxx.dtd files in this directory? I have two sets of perflib_perfdata_xxx.dat files. (The XXX's=numbers) One is a set of 11 files that dates all the way back into 2005. The other one is a single file made today 11-27-06. Same thing with the XML files. One is a set of4 files dated 11-19-06. The other is a set of 6 files dated today, 11-27-06. The DTD file is a single one dated 11-19-06. The rest of the files in this Temp direstory are tmp, txt, log and 3 MTX files. I'm asking because I thought I could delete anything in Temp directories, but when I sent tem all to the recycle bin a few days ago, I restarted the computer and checked the C:/documents and settings/ user name/local settings/temp directory and every sub-directory in was gone, including the Cookies, History, and Temporary Intermet Files directories. After restoring the recycle bin, the directories listed above came back. I have since been deleting the .tmp files a few at a time till they were gone. Now I'm down to the files listed above plus a DEL111.EXE, DEL112.EXE and a WAR.EXE file and some sub-directories for programs that were instaled(They should be ok to delete). But there are two sub-directories that have a Wrapper.EXE file in them. My question is: Which files does this TEMP directory need so I won't delete them?
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