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  1. The anounannouncement you linked does not refer to the mail notifier included in the google toolbar.
  2. See the attached Sandboxie`s thumbnails these are self explanatory.
  3. Thanks ,so this is ruled out as well so I`m still where I was before.....
  4. Thanks for your reply Hazel, I uninstalled and reinstalled g.toolbar 3 times with no effect in these issues, allowing popups did not do the trick, can you please advice how to proceed with IE configuration regarding offline mode? Thanks
  5. Hi I have the google toolbar (latest) and when I want to bookmark any site I get the attached message. Gmail notifier does not work properly,it works only to link me with mt Gmail account but does not notify. Google support did not even find it appropriate to acknowledge the posted issue...... Any help will be welcomed. Thanks
  6. Thank you Dennis , your link makes it quite clear.(BTW, access issue solved) Regards
  7. Hi For some reason ,I`m unable to connect to silverlight site ,so I`m posting the question here hoping some of you are familiar with this: If I`m updating silverlight to a newer version , do I have to uninstall the previous ? Thanks
  8. Hi My question is if I use CCleaner regularly do I need this add-on ?: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6623 Thanks
  9. Eli

    Java jre 6 version 15

    Thank you Andavari , it is done .I guess something is not quite right with the java download site...or maybe my machine is just being reluctant to download from there.....
  10. Hi If I go to Java site to verify my version I get this: Verifying Java Version Oops! You don't have the recommended Java installed. Your Java version is Version 6 Update 15 So I deleted 6-version 15 and tried to download 6-version 16 with no success, so I went back to 6-version 15. Being on version 15 if I try to update it pops up a message that I have the latest version...... I haven`t got a clue what is going on here , did any of you encountered the same mistery?
  11. Eli

    Firefox 3.5.2

    Thanks to you all for your responses.
  12. Eli

    Firefox 3.5.2

    Hi I`m using FF 3.0.13 and I have heard some bad experiences about version 3.5.2 . Question: Is it any better than the version I`m using, or should I stay with what I have? Thanks
  13. Eli

    advanced cleaner

    I`m missing something here. Although for instance I have not ticked wipe free space drives in the advanced options, am I still going to get the C drive wiped if in the settings tab the wipe free space drive option is ticked(by default)?
  14. I have a work around way with no recovering programs although a bit complicated: 1.I reinstall windows without reformatting or deleting any part of ex windows.(side by side) 2.Using the new installed windows,I copy all the files I want from ex windows to for example: D partition. 3.Format the partition where Windows (the two of them) are installed and reinstall Windows again. I know it sounds insane ,I personally did it and saved EVERYTHING I wanted, and in my case Windows was completely disabled .The first installation saved the files and with the second installation(after reformatting) I put back all the files where they originally were......
  15. Eli

    avast! 4.8

    It does have a report if you configure it : Go to settings>Report file>Mark =create report file and choose what ever you want in the log record. It also has a sort of file repairing system called VRDB: Help file >Healing> the second one is VRDB it is self explanatory....that is if you care to read it of course....
  16. Eli

    avast! 4.8

    Although it is not quite relevant to the initial post, I feel that the following has some importance when relating to the providers: I have the web provider (set :normal) jumping daily from 14MB to 69MB !!!! with no abnormal usage and no questionable sites surfing. I`ve posted in their forum and no rational response delivered by the team , and yes I know it is a free product but never the less, you should now that if you are low on resources, it could be an issue. I personally solved it by deactivating and activating the web shield again.
  17. Eli

    Auto Shutdown program

    I finally ended up choosing yours as it is suits me much more, thanks.
  18. Eli

    Auto Shutdown program

    IMHO the two programs are for different type of users, the one that does not want to get confused with to many options (the program I linked), and your linked program, which is very useful for users who now exactly what they want and do not get confused by the many options.
  19. Auto Shutdown helps you to schedule Windows shut down and define global keyboard shortcuts for different shut down actions (turn off, restart, log off, stand by & hibernate). I`ve found this little free program quite useful: http://download.cnet.com/Auto-Shutdown/300....html?tag=mncol
  20. Eli

    Open office

    Hi I have been using Open office for about a week and it seems much slower than Microsoft Office, any ideas as to how to make it faster(if possible)? ( this is now the only office program in my machine) Thanks
  21. Eli

    Registry issues

    Thank you for your reply Hazelnut. Another thing, I`m unable to enlarge the thumbnails I myself put. I`ve tried with another threads with same outcome . any ideas what is wrong? Thanks
  22. Eli

    Registry issues

    Hi I got the attached list of registry issues in question. Are these safe to delete? (The two are of the same list from both sides) Thanks
  23. Thanks for your reply.
  24. Thanks but your link does not answer my question.
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