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  1. Thanks for your reply. As far as I recall, in CCleaner itself you have to be aware to uncheck the Yahoo toolbar option, otherwise you are going to have it installed, so is there much of a difference ?
  2. Hi I have read some review on Advanced System Care Free 3.1.2 /Iobit. Did anyone had a good/bad experience with this program? Thanks
  3. Eli

    Sandboxie Question

    I suggest you post your question in their forum, they may help you: http://www.sandboxie.com/phpbb/index.php
  4. Couldn`t the very same happen while cleanning the registry with ccleaner? meaning : deleting reg keys that are used by some other programs.
  5. Is there a chance that using Revo Uninstaller in the advanced mode, while cheking the registry keys suggested by the program to be deleted, I may be deleting some registry key that is also used by another program? Thanks
  6. Hi Andavari I applied several tips from your link and it works like a charm. I also got rid of some unused/non practical + suspected memory leak addons. I`m down to about 50-80MB RAM, with 2-4 tabs opened and 17 ad dons. Thank you again Eli
  7. Hi Do any of you FF users, know if the memory leak bug in IE tab add on is fixed? My reference: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Problematic_extensions I do not know whether the info in this site is frequently updated , any how, I did not find any other opposite statement or update relating to this issue. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the link Andavary. Eli
  9. Today I "upgraded" from FF 2.20 to FF 3.5 and guess what ? I`m on 150MB RAM, with one tab in use!!!!!!!!!!!!! with no "special demands from browser!!!!" (about 70-80 MB difference). Did any of you experienced such an "elevating" experience? Thanks Eli
  10. Hi Is there any substantial improvement in FF 3.5 that would be worthwhile for me to upgrade from version or is it sill more like a degrade? Thanks Eli
  11. FF always loads slower with sandboxie, didn`t see any difference with this specific version. Eli
  12. Eli


    Thank you CeeCee.
  13. Eli


    Thanks again Andavari. Eli
  14. Eli


    Thanks for your reply. I have 4% fragmentation, I wonder if there is any point on defragmenting if there is only 2% difference between their recommendation, and the actual state of my registry. It is messing with my registry that I`m afraid of, specially if there is a questionable gain from this action in my case. Eli
  15. Eli


    Hi Andavari From your experience with this product, from what defragmentation percentage will it be convenient for me to defrag the registry? Thanks Eli
  16. Eli


    I think I`ll get over this minor bug...
  17. Eli


    Hi CeeCee ,sorry for the delay (I got the link to the thread only today) . Sounds like a good program, assuming the users reviews at CNET are trust worthy. Got it, gonna try it. Thanks Eli
  18. Nope ,I did not. Did not see any requirements to do so, are there ? Thanks Eli
  19. Hi Right after I cleaned all the registry issues (with CCleaner) , several keep showing again if I analyze the registry again right after. Can anyone enlighten me on this please? Thanks Eli
  20. Hi Davey Thank you for reply,of course it did not even cross my mind to work with two different defraggers at the same time, my question was based on the fact that different defraggers use different algorithms and therefore a possible conflict. I also do not use any auto start programs except security programs. Regards Eli
  21. Hi I would like to know if there is any conflict using defraggler with other defraggers. I intend to use defraggler only for file defragments . Thanks Eli
  22. To your information, a new threat in Firefox ,please see the following link: http://orangescale.net/log/2008/12/trojan-...schromeinjecta/
  23. Eli

    Cd burning speeds

    Hi I would like to know what would be the right burning speed for best quality music CD`s. What is the purpose of the various speeds :x1,x2,x4,x8,x16,x32,x48? Thanks Eli
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