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  1. Hi Humpty I deactivated Remote Desktop Assistance a few months ago .Could that be the reason? may be it is trying to put itself back in service?(To be exact, we are talking about PC Health Binaries file) Eli
  2. Hi I have noticed that every time I make a change in the start up list, pc health (a windows file) is trying to put itself on the list. I do not recall excluding this file from the list ever before therefor do not understand the "urge" of this one to be there...and yes, I scanned it for malware with several antispyware and anti viruses. Other than that, looks like the computer works properly. Does anyone have a clue why this program tries to put itself there? Thanks EP
  3. Thank you Humpty. Eli
  4. Thanks Hazelnut. Eli
  5. Hi Anthony A I got the same pop up and it is sad to see where they came from and where they are going to... If they are so mixed up about such a basic element as the discontinuance of they support of this product ,maybe they are confused while they produce the actual updates ,and these are not effective any longer???? Put your thought in to it....... EP
  6. Hi Hazelnut I have reduced the sys.restore from 1.8 GB to 900mb ,rebooted and still have the same 29 restore points... Do you have any idea what is going on? Thanks .Eli
  7. Thank you all for the info Eli
  8. Other than gaining some disk space , is there any additional benefit from diminishing sys.restore? Regards Eli
  9. Hi Hazelnut Thank you for the info Eli
  10. Hi Davey It`s 9600MB+8714MB=18314MB = 1.83 GB I`m going back to February 18th, 29 backups. Regards Eli
  11. Hi System restore disk space at C(win.operating sys,docs,programs)-9600MB (12%) System restore disk space at D -8714MB (12%) It appears to me an awful lot of disk space.(Please see my sys.details below) Is it recommended to adjust sys.restore to a lower disk space?, if yes ,please specify. Other than gaining some disk space , is there any additional benefit from diminishing sys.restore? Thanking you in advance EP
  12. Hi Hazelnut You are right, I`ve scanned it with avg anti spy and it came out clean. It`s seemingly a pc tools thing with erunt... Thanks again Eli
  13. Thank you Hazelnut for the link. The link deals with:"nircmd.exe" , the one I`m talking about is: "Application. Nircmd" are this the same?(Not an expert, sorry) Thanks .EP
  14. Hi I downloaded ERUNT REG.BACK UP program a few days ago from a recommended site. My anti spy detected the following: Application. Nircmd low risk level (please see attachment) I will very much appreciate if anybody knows, or encountered same issue with that program and of course if it is necessary for the program to work with this application. I`ve tried to make contact with the maker of this program but didn`t get a reply yet. Best regards Thankfully E.P
  15. Hi I wish to know if while on firefox, if I change to IE engine through the IE add on am I still under the security/stability of FF?(I know it is more a question for ff forums but I`ll try my luck here first) Thanks. Eli
  16. Hi Although published as follows: http://freeforum.avg.com/read.php?1,123812,backpage=,sv= I got this message from grisoft today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best wishes to you all Eli
  17. Hi Miss Techie In addition to all the good advice you got here, I can throw in a link which can help you find out by yourself what are the programs you are running at start up ,their purpose ,and if these are really needed there. http://www.techspot.com/startup/a/600/ Good luck Eli
  18. Thank you all for your advice. Eli
  19. Hi I would very much appreciate if anybody can tell me, which is better to use : Win xp fire wall or comodo ,and why? Thanking you in advance Eli
  20. Eli

    Pc back up

    Hi ,I would like to know what is the difference between copying files to a disk and may later on ,add or change the burned files ,and the standard back up function in a burner. What I need is back up ,can I use either functions ? Thanking you in advance. Eli
  21. Is it me or that avg 7.5 antivirus gone mad? Second time in less than a week that avg update asks for reboot. I know they are terminating this product at the end of this month ,they popped up the message while I was surfing....Did anybody experience this 2 updates + reboot ? Thanks. Eli
  22. HI Tom I suggest you read the attachment bellow, before you optimize . Good luck. Eli
  23. HI I recommend spy ware doctor starter edition product version : You can disable real time protection if you wish so. Please note there is a similar version with antivirus (Not this one). Good luck Eli
  24. Hi Davey Thank you for the links ,and your enlightening reply. Best wishes Eli
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