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  1. Hi Davey Yes I`m still using XP. Thank you for your reply. You mean 2 GB each disk partition right? Eli
  2. Hi In my system (please see in my signature for details) the system restore disk space is 12% for each disk drive. For C 9800 MB, for D 8764 MB. What would be the best minimum effective disk space I would need , if I`m not a heavy user? Thanks ELI
  3. New Avast free home edition antivirus version released :Build Nov 2008. 04.08.1290 EP
  4. Eli

    Ultimate defrag

    Hi Does anybody who is familiar with the free Ultimate defrag program ,knows if it can mass up files/programs in the defragging process? Thanks EP
  5. Hi Wonder if any of you can help me on this one: Yesterday I failed to shut off the computer in the usual way, the turn off,sleep and reboot buttons did not work, later on it all came back to normal as nothing ever happened. Checked the system with AV and anti spy, everything was clean . Any idea what is it that caused this and what can I do to solve it next time it happens? Please see system details in my signature. Thanks EP
  6. I have 22 ad dons and I do not have the McAfee Site Advisor ad don , it still crushes almost every day. Not practical for me to find out by disabling ad dons one by one..but thanks for the idea any way. I suspect it has something to do with the google toolbar I`m still working on it.
  7. Thank you for the advice+links. EP
  8. Thank you for your replies, I`ve tried 3 P2P known programs, 2 of them were infesting my PC over and over again (scanned them before opening trial). The files download was very fast and ....with a lot of "goodies" in it , mind you these were not crackers or some other questionable stuff... The one that was clean as a whistle although much slower, was e Mule, with about a week of downloading without even one detected malware, against a full load of detections with the others. So I guess I`ll be better safe than sorry... Regards EP
  9. Hi Can you please recommend any file sharing program(P2P)that is not infesting the PC with "Goodies" while downloading, but from the other hand you are not getting older while waiting for the files to download? Thanks EP
  10. FF 2.0.17 crushes over and over again and again in my PC, had to go back to previous version. Did any of you experienced the same ? Thanks EP
  11. Eli

    firefox 03.0.03

    Thank you all, I think I got the idea... EP
  12. Eli

    firefox 03.0.03

    Hi Would like to know if any noticeable improvement in RAM and CPU consumption, or otherwise in the FF 03.0.03 Thanks EP
  13. Eli

    firefox 3 Ram usage

    Thank you for the info. EP
  14. Eli

    firefox 3 Ram usage

    Thank you for the link. Ep
  15. Eli

    firefox 3 Ram usage

    Finally ditched FF3 and went back to FF2.0.16. FF2.0.16 consumes around 70-80MB as opposed to FF3.0.1 somewhere around 130MB!!!!!+ my processor working like crazy! CPU usage sometimes up to 30% !!!!!!!! I would let go the thing with additional RAM usage, What I`m not willing to compromise is , any progrm massing with my CPU!!!! I fail to understand why would they make FF3 a lesser product than FF2. Regards EP
  16. I upgraded to FF 3.0.1 yesterday and it consumes about 100MB RAM. Can any of you confirm that this RAM usage is it`s average ? Thanks Eli
  17. Hi I know that ctfmon.exe file`s function is related to M.Office, the thing I miss here is why are so many people against this file being at start up and of course in the background( it only takes up to 5MB ram while in the background!!!) Thanks Eli
  18. Eli

    Security question

    Hi Hazelnut My question was unfortunately based on a mistaken info, therefor y withdraw my question. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks Eli
  19. Eli

    Security question

    A basic question: Is there any security or other problem with downloading a program that is not supported any longer,since 2004? (When I say not supported, I mean also not updated.) Thanks Eli
  20. What does:Trident IV and Trident V mean?
  21. Hi I`m using the FF add-on IE tab, and I have IE 6 which is only used through FF. Question: Is the IE engine has anything to do with their browser version or same engine for example for IE6,7,8? (This question comes from the stability aspect, while using FF through IE tab.) Thanks EP
  22. Eli

    Picasa Worry

    Helped indeed !!! Thank you very much!!! Eli
  23. Your guess about my question is correct. I made up my mind to wait untill all my extensions and skins are compatible with it before I upgrade to FF3. Thanks Eli
  24. I think it is a good idea to wait untill all my extensions and skins are compatible with it before I upgrade to FF3. Thanks Eli
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