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  1. Yes please suspend my account. Steve Bye
  2. Can anyone tell How I cancel my Piriform account.
  3. Avast here I used AVG for many years but after trying Avast I will never go back.
  4. Steve51

    Error 6

    Hi Joannie I have had similar problems with Spyware Terminator you could try downloading Revo uninstaller its a good tool if used carefully if you have half uninstalled Terminator allready it may not show up in revo uninstaller so reinstall Terminator then uninstall it using Revo uninstaller it will remove most if not all remnants of Spyware Terminator and of course then run CCleaner I realise this is a long winded process but it as worked for me many times. Good Luck Steve PS Try Superantispyware
  5. Steve51


    I am afraid I had to uninstall Deffraggler it lost some files that my son had backed up on his pc and after I ran it on my PC I lost half a dozen pictures so it had to go.
  6. Steve51


    I Have 2 Computers and 2 laptops I have just changed them all to Deffraggler.
  7. Steve51


    Thanks Davey I will give defraggler a go.
  8. Steve51


    Hi I have been using Auslogic disc defrag is defraggler any better Auslogic is very fast and seems to do a good job.
  9. Hi Razz I use both of these progs and they are pretty good as you say Spywareblaster just runs in the background and stops spyware entering your pc just update now and again. Superantispyware yes the same as Adaware you have to manually update it does run in your start up progs but I assume this for automatic updates for the paid version but you can easily turn this off. hope this helps Steve
  10. Yes you can change your Homepage and its faster than almost all other browsers though it is a bit heavier than most but most want speed and it delivers on that count I like it but not as much as Firefox.
  11. I think I agree with most in here I am trying Google Chrome it is fast but I will stick with Firefox I like the toys that come with Firefox sorry the addons that come with Firefox lol.
  12. I am a big Firefox fan but I have just downloaded Google Chrome and I am well impressed it is very fast if a little on the large size give it a go .
  13. Thanks Davey my pc is Packard Bell so I hope things should go well.
  14. Hi Everyone How can I get my desktop on here.
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